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Thread: Challenging WoB

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    Quote Originally Posted by lock View Post
    I have to salute you Elvis, sometimes you annoy the crap out of me with your pointless posts but you do give me some entertainment in the forums from time to time
    Hey thanks. I take it you have joined the Dark Side of Castle Age if you are receiving my hidden messages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CastleAgeBrock View Post
    May the demigods rest his soul

    I hope WoB will keep going after their lands anyway. The more of them you take, the less of ours you take. And EVERYONE wins when that happens :3
    I liked Elvis better banned.
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    #1 it's not nice to be mean to ppl
    #2 nobody cares about da wilbsta

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    That hard summons land in my latest screenshot yielded an Ouroboros, our second one. We have a dilemma, as our guild doesn't have enough big hitters to finish it off. PM me if you want to join it and can do at least 55 million for 2 rares. You will have to guild hop to do this and use the monster link to hit and collect, but the process is painless, and I can show you a way to leave your guild, join ours, join our ouroboros, leave our guild, and join back up your own guild again in a matter of a minute, maybe less. Then you use the DL to hit and collect, from the comfort of your own guild.

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    Look at the lumber and iron. Nice.

    xo xo xo xo xo xo xo

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    Serge from the guild, Dog/Cat Fighters - DCF, has performed the last hit to conquer our land, !
    3 minutes, 38 seconds ago

    This one hurts, as we have less than ten lands currently, and I need that 45% hunter path bonus for a mithril medal. It's been so quiet lately from Asker's guild among our alliance members, too. The guy I know from Dog Cat Fighters is the forum's very own Fat Cat, but he also hops from guild to guild, the cheater.

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    Elvis Presley has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages

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    Note to mods: Elvis has returned please take appropriate action. Grace Slick has been banned, thanks mods. How about locking the thread?
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