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Thread: List of Currently Reported User Issues

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    Default List of Currently Reported User Issues

    List of currently known bugs affecting gameplay. These issues have detailed information regarding cause and/or effect. If you do not see a major bug that isn't listed please created a new thread on the subject if one doesn't exist or PM me the details of an already reported problem. Also if you feel one of these issues has been resolved please post a reply in the associated thread so it can be verified. Thanks.

    Guild Battles
    Smoke Bomb Glitch in 10v10
    When smoke bomb is cast on a player, any opponent they attack has the opportunity to evade the attack regardless of their class. Basically game acts as if smoke bomb were cast on the opponent.

    Health Rune Boost Disappearing
    Occurs when a defensive action is applied to the affected player during a Guild Battle when their Health rune is not currently equiped. The circumstance required to cause this is as of yet unknown, as not all defensive actions cause the issue. It should be noted that when the Health Rune is re-equiped and a defensive action applied the maximum Health value is restored, but not the lost Health.

    Unable to utilize special attacks during GB on specific user
    FB has started issuing app-specific IDs which trickles down to all the different CA features. As a result anyone passing a 17-digit ID cannot be targeted by any special attack during a Guild Battle. Also, it is not possible to post to the players keep Wall.

    Heroes / Generals
    Vincent Alchemy Disappears if bought first in the 100v100 shop
    It is possible to obtain some generals both by alchemy and to purchase them in one of the various shops. Two copies can be obtained of the alchemy is performed before the purchase, if done the other way around the alchemy disappears before it can be completed.

    Petrus the Elusive's Smoke Bomb ability doesn't transfer
    When Petrus is assigned as either the primary or secondary in an alliance his Smoke Bomb ability bonus does not display. Instead the master's first ability is duplicated in the description. Unknown if this is purely cosmetic or has effect in-game.

    Unable to "Report/Contact Developer" via Facebook
    This issue seems to occur randomly and may be FB account specific.

    Loadouts have reset (cleared)
    Seemingly at random a player's loudouts (general-equipment combinations) are removed from a player's profile. Cause currently unknown.

    Summoner's name not showing properly in Public list
    The name of the monster summoner displayers incorrectly when the monster is promoted to the Public list.

    Elite Dragonslayer Bow Error
    After reaching 396,000 Hunter points the elite Dragonslayer bow automatically becomes listed as "Acquired. However it does not appear in inventory and is unable to be purchased. Currently the only way to resolve this is open a ticket with Customer Service via the Report option in-game.
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