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    Default Guild Name Change

    Has anyone ever considered the option to add a name change feature for guilds? Like the 10FP required for a toon name change?

    Think about it? How many times have you seen botched guild names "Arch Angles" or "Dread Wolfs"?
    And what about mergers? Maybe some guilds would want to fuse names "Knights of Fury" merges with "Dark Phantoms" and now you have "Dark Fury" or something, you get my drift...
    Perhaps a GM leaves the guild and the new GM wants to reshape the guild image and name...?
    Maybe your 15yr old self doesn't like the guild name "Pokemon Masters" anymore....
    Maybe you had drunk fingers when you tried making your guild name...

    I'm just saying, there are a ton of legit reasons to want to change a guild name and an extra source of income is never a bad deal for the devs.
    What do you guys think?
    Devs, could this be a possibility?
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    No, the devs told me it would be too much work the way things were originally coded/built to change things up now.

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    Kind of like how I feel its "too much work" for me to reach over and grab the remote so I ask my wife to toss it over to me

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    And evidently, it can be done, via a request submitted to the Devs now. See that CLUB is now FIGHT CLUB.

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    Of course it can be done. A name change is literally changing one column value in a data record that is uniquely identified by the guild ID.

    It quite literally was really easy to do. The devs just didn't want to implement it.

    Most likely because.... *drum roll* "It's working as intended" the devs most favorite excuse since "we did not steal graphics from other games!" >_>
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    a guild name change should cost 10 fp x 100 (max member of the guild).....

    well, it better to make new was easy to do.. :3
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