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Thread: Rammstein Guild recruiting thread

  1. Lightbulb Rammstein Guild recruiting thread

    Guild level 24.
    Regular LoE battles on blue crystals days.
    Five hours guild battle every day, no fixed time, 2-3 battles on triple coins Tuesday. 100vs100 battles three times a day, Platinum/Vanguard rank. Participation in guild battles is not required.
    Constant LoM monsters for hunter points.
    Monster range (normal mode): Kessaran, Urmek, Vorak, Abomination, Orc Horde.
    Participation in LoM monsters is not required.
    Joining LoM lands as a defender is required activity for all active members.
    Standard ranking: Monster (Top 0-5%)
    Battle (Top 6-20%)

    Guild link (FB):
    web3 link:
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