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Thread: iOS 100v100 UI info

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    I can't speak for others, but I for one feel it is so very important that you post this in the forums for ios players. Forget about the rest of us that have worked for years building a strong account. Forget that we are the ones that spread the word of what a wonderful game this was. That's perfectly alright. We know that you are now pandering to the ios market and the rest of us are being forced out of the game.

    I have searched the forums for a strategy guide for 100 v 100 battles, and this is the only thing I thought might contain some tid bit I could use. Silly me. Thanks again for the consideration of the rest of your consumer base, be it Facebook or Web3.

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    I use both applications, and I don't understand the negativity by those who do not use the app. Having a travel device that allows me access to the game is a great feature. How do you get classic gb's on the iOS? I can only access 10x10 and 100x100.

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