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Thread: iOS 100v100 UI info

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    Default iOS 100v100 UI info

    While we continue to update the 100v100 iOS platform to be more functional a few updates went out that should help things smooth along. Some of these tidbits may be hidden and unknown, so this guide should explain a few new things for you.

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    this is more stuff to look at and do and as i search all these areas the fb players have killed me before i can hit
    Sorry, you're not allowed to see inside the book. It's against the rules.

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    Thank you!

    Others may have said this, but I believe Confucius stated it best (here I am paraphrasing): "If I hear it, I'll forget. If I see it, I'll remember. But if I do it, I will learn it."

    The new 100v has a high hurdle to learn and to be able to "see" these sea-changes in the game is a huge help in playing, learning, experimenting, and then understand the new system. You need to help out the early adopters so the new system will work. Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bellcastillo View Post
    this is more stuff to look at and do and as i search all these areas the fb players have killed me before i can hit
    Dude, it works both ways -- how's that for a thought.

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    Yes, and this is an absolutely convoluted mess. The old display was significantly better and easier to use.

    BTW increasing the swiping speed actually made it even worse because now a simple swipe skips past 3-4 people in rapid succession.

    I haven't been thrilled with every change that you guys have made to the game, but I've adapted. This major iOS UI change combined with cutting # of battles from 4 to 2 for iOS guilds means a lot of people will have to either leave their friends they've battled with for years to find a guild who does the 2 battles that work, just not battle at all, or leave the game. Right now, the only thing that kept me and a large portion of guild around is because most of us have gotten to be friends over the years and this change will likely cause several of us to just quit and take our gaming dollars to a different game.
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    CG animators are very proud of the movement of every strand of hair and every blade of grass. They pay close attention and pour much time into how and where the raindrops land and how each snowflake moves in an avalanche. They perfect clouds to the right colors and transparency.

    People watching a movie mostly care about what the story is and how it's told. If the swirling snow and flowing hair and floating clouds get too much screen time, it slows the pacing of the movie and interferes with the plot. No matter how beautiful the movie is, no matter how rightfully proud the animators should be of their groundbreaking work, concentrating too much on those details would make a movie less enjoyable.

    Those were my thoughts the first time I tried to use the iOS app to fight in a guild battle. I haven't tried it ever since. Coming from Facebook and web3, the iOS app's UI was overwhelming and confusing.

    Seeing the screens laid out like this made me realize how insanely difficult it must be to try to fit all the data available in the web3 format onto such a small screen in such a way that fat fumbling fingers can still accurately click the necessary buttons without accidentally hitting the wrong thing on the screen. (I haven't been in any iOS Festival battles, so I don't know what the old interface looked like.) So anyway, I'm giving the iOS app another chance right now, with the fat fumbling fingers problem in mind.

    1) The scrolling bar with all the gates and animated structures is overly wide and distracting. Fingers aren't that fat and fumbling, and it seems that we're expected to be able to hit the square that changes between ally and enemy gates. That square is much smaller. The animated structures don't seem to serve any useful purpose. The pictures of the structures all animate even if there aren't any actives in those gates. To me, this looks like an example of when we're staring at the breeze sweeping across the blades of grass in the meadows for too long without anything else happening in the movie. The text "North Wall" tells me what I need to know, and while the pictures are pretty and the animations are cute, it'd be easier to battle if the gate bar could fit on one screen and not require scrolling.

    2) On the ally gate bar, the blue star player orientation marker shows up for empty gates. We're a small guild, so I only have players in west and east gates. I'm personally in west for this battle. The blue star shows up on north, west, and south. I believe this is a bug? That said, thank you very much for the player orientation marker! I noticed the marker is now on web3 as well, and it works properly there. The empty gates don't have the marker on web3; the problem shows up only on iOS. Still, thank you very much for the feature!

    3) On the player select list (the two helmets on the right), would it be possible to get the general's picture in the list? Since the whole bar is clickable, the ">>" graphic seems unnecessary. Removing that would create room to put the picture of the person's active general. Also, it'd be really nice if the actual health numbers can fit, but I understand that there's a limited amount of space, and I'm not sure where those numbers would go. Also, I think it'd be a lot faster to look through the gates if I could change gates from within the player select list without having to close it, go back to the gate bar, potentially scroll it to the gate I need, click the gate, and then click back into the player select list. Being able to change gates from within the player select list would make it much faster to see what's going on in battle. Finally, while the scrolling motion is lovely, can we please just jump to the player when we click on them instead of having to wait for the rest of the gate to scroll by? It's very slow to scroll from player 1 to player 25, even when using the list. In a close battle, that scroll time could make the difference between getting a revive on the right person at the right time or losing the whole gate.

    4) I love the iOS battle log at the bottom right! Here's a sample:

    web3 says: "Gemini of Lyall Fellowship You performed a Special Action on your target! You have healed your ally for a total of 153 points!" We have no idea who the target was.

    iOS says: "Gemini casts Heal Wounds on Joel!" There's less text, and we don't get the detail of how many points the target was healed for, but the information that the target was Joel is significantly more useful.

    I like the "your battle log" list to the left too. Can we get logs like these on web3 as well?

    5) I like the row of dots/squares under the gate bar telling us where in the gate we're at. I keep wanting to click on the small dots to jump to that spot in the gate. I tried swiping the back and forth along the row of dots, but the motion was backwards: when I swiped to the right, the highlighted dot went left. When I swiped to the left, the highlighted dot went to the right. I eventually realized that I'm actually swiping the generals to the bottom, but it was a funny effect when I first tried it. Maybe the touch area for scrolling the generals should stop under the player's name and level instead of extending up into the row of dots. It'd also be nice if touching the row of dots would jump to that spot in the gate.

    6) I discovered that I can scroll the generals by swiping left and right on the player select list. If my swiping isn't strictly up and down but even the slightest bit on a diagonal with any left or right component at all, I'm scrolling both the player select list as well as the generals behind it. I don't have an opinion on if this is good or bad. I'm just reporting because it was unexpected.

    7) The "?" icon still says, "[...] you receive Guild Points based on Victory and the amount of Battle Activity Points you earned." I believe we're not supposed to get points based on Battle Activity Points in 100v100?

    Overall, if I could jump gates from within the player select list and if I could jump straight to the select player instead of watching the animating scroll, I think it'd make the iOS app more usable for guild battles.
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    You broke the pvp aspect of the game. Who cares about these
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    Hey I have an about get rid of all the crap give us our 4 battles a day back and fix the stuff in game first? Just saying!!!! Whoever came up eith bright idea of cutting battles down to 2 should be fired. Doing that has now made guildmates have to look for guilds that accomadate their battle time beacaue devs had to take away 2 battles. Way to go ruining game. Total boycott of any money towards CASTle age until U give the players what they want.

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    Thanks for the update Padaxan, but I stand by my position: the 100v100 UI in the iOS app is horrible. It's obviously a silly attempt to prioritize animations and pretty pictures over functionality. Every bit of work Kabam does in that UI is a waste of time. Every single player I've read on the forum and spoken to in multiple guilds HATE IT.

    But, knock yourself out. Keep wasting time and money on features that are functionally inferior and hated by your customer base.
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