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Thread: Informational Threads - Try Here First

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    Default Informational Threads - Try Here First

    In an effort to keep the forums clean and the number of stickies at a minimum we are listing the more helpful posts here instead of sticking them all. Only a few will remain stuck due to how often they are referred to.

    Admin Announcement - Why am I tripping?
    Quote Originally Posted by Myrddin View Post
    It's explained quite well by Lored Reaper here : . We have adding tracking and will try to do some optimization , but as he explains there is no "fixing" this it would require a reworking of the entire's game infrastructure.
    Wikia - Castle Age Wikia

    ===========================Forum Information===========================
    Moderator Notes
    Forum Rules by Superd
    Infraction System by the Moderator Staff
    ATMs - Please read before opening one by the Moderator Staff
    Chat Room feature (under construction)

    Best Way to Contact Support by Flarin - Universal game site - Alternative Access Point to Launch Game

    Admin Notes
    Castle Age policy on what is and is not allowed ingame
    Castle Age Policy regarding 3rd Party applications (add-ons)
    Privacy Policy from Gaea
    Terms of Service from Gaea

    ===========================Game Information===========================
    General Guides
    Game FAQ by the forum community
    FAQ Addendum by Mursilis
    BSI, LSI, TSI, hunting, Farmers and Slayers - info thread by Cerbykins
    Things you can do in Castle Age by zserg

    Specific Feature Information
    Land of Earth by Padaxan
    Trade Market/Runes, some information by Padaxan
    Castle Age Emporium (Guild/ Conquest shops) - wiki link
    Castle Age Heroes - wiki link
    Castle Age Feat Requirements by Moi
    Guilds Powers by Flarin
    Campaign Chaos Gems Results & spreadsheet by Dokkodo

    Thoughts on (General) Promotions by thexbob
    Rune experience progression by Hfaistos
    ResLab: Trade Market Information by Alper
    Guild Conquest Guide (LoM & LoE) by zserg
    SP Sources Spreadsheet by Elandal

    Monster Guides
    The Monster Damage Curve by thexbob
    Monster Atk/Def Breakpoints by thexbob
    Monster Damage / Loot Spreadsheet by Tim Nyota
    Divine Power Analysis by Barnie

    eATK and eDEF calculator forum thread by Gogoo
    Time to next level calculator by zserg

    How to build army - with images by RaGe
    How to successfully accept gifts and requests by Caitir Eavan
    Answers to Why you are Losing Battles/Duels by HouseNdaHouse
    Castle Age Chronology by Spellfire
    Past CA PvP Tournament Results by Thanos

    If you run into another post you think should be added to the list please let a moderator know.
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    Blog Entries



    11 - Oct - 2019
    - took over from Mursilasis who didn't keep a changelog because it's probably not really needed...
    - removed link to old support website (
    - removed The 300 Rule guide by Lord Dufduf (outdated)
    - removed Festival Quest Guide List by _Anty_
    - replaced Guild Shop and Annihilator Chest Abilities by duoyiza with wiki link (more complete info)
    - removed Proposed Elemental Combat Change V2 by Myrddin , see eATK and eDEF calculator forum thread by Gogoo for battle formulas
    - removed CA General Level 5 Upwards Upgrades by Ginger the Hutt - replaced with wiki link to heroes page which has more complete information
    - removed Land of Earth/Hero Crystal drop rates - replaced with guild conquest guide
    - removed A Comprehensive Guide to Monster Hunting by Josh Rottschaefer (outdated)
    - removed Introducing COPTER - The Castle Age Optimizer by larsonm
    - removed FB CA Newsfeed Filter by King Hrothbeort
    - added Time to next level calculator in Tools so it wouldn't be empty
    - added Things you can do in Castle Age by zserg
    - removed Main FAQ by Artanis, and added which is newer and more comprehensive.
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