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Thread: My Energizer - a LSI build

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    I'm writing a guide for this kind of high LSI build.

    Can someone tell me how much IA bonus (very approximately - is it like 2k atk or def? 4k?) one can expect without the treasure chest items and the now-unavailable items? So, mostly from monster hunting. When you're pretty much done with it, or well underway.

    In this post from this thread:
    I'm not sure what "Effective Raw Attack" and "Effective Raw Defense" mean, as the numbers don't correspond to what I can see in the screenshots added (I thought "effective" and "raw" had kinda opposite meanings).

    In fact, I pretty much don't understand anything in the "LSI Summary" and "BSI Breakdown" sections.

    Also @Tom when you say you're done with the monster related IA, that includes the Legendary Archive?

    Could you tell me how much you've spent on the game (or how many FPs you've bought)? And/or what level do you think you would be (very roughly) if you had not spent at all?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom View Post
    BSI Summary (w/ everything)
    BSI: 2.297
    LSI: 7.564
    TSI: 7.644
    Attack Power: 5,587.00
    Defense Power: 5,043.10
    Average Power: 5,315.05
    Attack w/ Pierce: 7,514.52
    Defense w/ Resistance: 8,220.25

    LSI Summary
    LSI: 7.564
    Effective energy: 2,026.40046
    Effective Stamina: 1,399.53730
    Time to next Level(hrs): 157.53766
    Time per Level(hrs): 124.73536

    BSI Breakdown
    Raw BSI: 0.056
    ---with Archives: 1.836
    ---with Runes: 0.517
    ---with Everything: 2.297

    Effective Raw Attack: 120.200
    ---with Archives: 4,503.000
    ---with Runes: 1,204.200
    ---with Everything: 5,587.000

    Effective Raw Defense: 138.200
    ---with Archives: 3,993.600
    ---with Runes: 1,187.700
    ---with Everything: 5,043.100

    Let’s take a look at my progress with LoE:
    Conqueror: 512'950 points
    Hunter: 484'950 points
    Guardian: 60'900 points <= got what I needed so far. Slowly adding for IA
    Engineer: 402'750 points

    Current Gear
    Helmet: Helm of the Dragon-Emperor (Silver Ingot, Fire Protection, Earth Protection)
    Amulet: Astaroth Amulet
    Glove: Thanatos Gauntlet (Electrum Ingot pays pierce, Water Fury)
    Banner: Arcane Warbanner (Earth Protection) <= working on Arcane Warbanner and almost there
    Boots: Elandal Stompers
    Offhand: Gorgons Heart (Legendary def jewel of water protection)
    Weapon: Astaroth Blade (Silver Ingot pays pierce, earth fury)
    Magic: Pureflame (not aiming for Magmaflame)
    Armor: Thanatos Plate (legendary stone of wind protection, electrum php res)

    Progress since my last update:
    Level 2722 (+84)
    ENE 9'035 (+21)
    STA 5’429 (+348)
    SPs not distributed: 0 (-1)
    adjusted Delta SP/Lvl: 8.53 (increase due to SPs gained from Atlantis quest and duel ranks gained)

    1) I mostly use 2 general alliances, that being:
    a) 5 star Sahar (lvl 79), 5 star Barbarus (lvl 79) and 1 star Monkey King (lvl 69)
    b) 5 star Dolomar (lvl 79), 5 star Barbarus (lvl 79) and 5 star Sahar (lvl 79)
    2) I’m desperately lacking green crystals and appreciate every treasury island event or promo pack that comes along with a few crystals.
    Any seniors would like to comment the pros and cons of pumping all into stamina post level 2k? Stamina currently is
    My reason was because, clicking is becoming a chore once energy is over $#%$$%#% amount.

    LSI is going way below 9, will move asymptotically towards 7.5 at lvl 3k I believe.
    No quest resets, demi quest resets.
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