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Thread: Leviathan of the Void

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    Default Leviathan of the Void

    Post your Leviathan of the Void links and/or codes here for assistance.

    Do not post direct attack links. Read the Posting Rules for this section and try to post at most once every 2-3 hours.

    Please report anyone you find breaking the posting rules, and they will be infracted.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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    Fully strengthened : m7pvth:3

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    another: m7pvth:3

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    Leviathan of the VOID - 150 hrs left, LOTs of slots open!!

    or monster code: zg4i2jfel:3

    Let's put this Beotch down!! lol

    Thanks Everybody!!
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    Fully strengthened
    Half dead

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    30hrs left needs some help Thanks

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    Talking Fresh — Strengthened — Just Made Public — No Cap

    The Usual:

    -heal your own damage as best you can
    -CTA to bring in more good hitters
    -everyone siege 1 stamina
    -please feel free to siege for 50 & 250

    Call players out in monster chat who leave the health bar in poor condition.
    I would prefer this be a fast kill, but I don’t mind if it takes a little while.

    {90% Strengthened}
    Current Timer: 157:04:00
    Monster Code: 3xsdgrf2eo:3
    My Army Codes: 192496 — BCF330 — D1C5A4


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    18h left - only heavy hitters needed. Help really needed. Thanks in advance!

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