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Thread: Leviathan of Wrath

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    found a good public one, 121h left, lots of space, fully str.


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    Sep 2012
    Sackets Harbor, NY


    Just summoned: jr4piq:3

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    Fresh, fully strenthened soon zg3dqqdbp:3 ty

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    Post codes too since iOS users can't click through links

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    3xsdgttppo:3 & ocoq6c:3 speed kills, private full strength.
    No need for a keep link, you all know were to find us

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    Gigatron112's Lev. 88 hours, fully strengthened, one heavy hitter in at 64 mill, can use more like that

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    Default Fresh — No Cap

    Fresh — 60% Strengthened — No Cap — Heal your own damage

    The Usual
    -heal your own damage as best you can
    -CTA to bring in more good hitters
    -everyone siege 1 stamina
    -feel free to siege for 50 & 250

    Call players out in monster chat who leave the health bar in poor condition. I would prefer this be a fast kill, but I don’t mind if it takes a little while.

    Current Timer: 161:50:00
    Monster Code: 3xsdgr45yw:3
    My Army Codes: 192496 — BCF330 — D1C5A4

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