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Thread: Transforming junk items to something useful

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    Honestly, with so many games out there allowing trade at least within a guild, this should be a no-brainer to implement. Trading increases player longevity as they would have access to a new venue for items that would make the game more fun for them and keep them playing longer. CA is stale without a trade system.

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    With alchemy already a part of CA, something like this should make complete sense.
    Assign every piece of loot a value from 1 to however many; the higher the stats, the higher the value: rusty gloves = 1, Envenomed Glave = lots.
    For all the possible rewards, again assign from 1 to however many. Or, have the rewards assigned a range value: examples, 10,000 gold is 1-10, free chest roll is 99-100, etc.
    Now, take the Kobo code, the Refine code, add in some randomization (that could even take the value of an Envenomed Glave down to Last Rites, or whatever seems good), throw everything into the alchemy pot "blender" - add up the accumulated value, and see what pours out.
    To prevent people from tossing in 6000 someodd things at one time hoping for top rewards, add in some diminishing returns, like Piercing/Resistance already have. After so many items and/or accumulated value, adding in more Flamebound Halberds is only adding 1 to the total accumulated value, so on and so forth.

    The beauty of it all is that this code is already in CA. All the rest is just math, percentages, and ratios. Which happens in CA pretty much every time someone clicks an action. It just has to all be brought together.
    In the beginning, this might go rather crazy. People have horded up tons of misc. loot over the years. But that's the point - over the span of years. Once it gets all used up, everything will settle out quit smoothly, and for it to happen crazy all over again will take years of hording. Which most likely won't happen (I'm sure there will be some people that save up like that, but they will be few, and take the span of years), because people will keep tossing things in the "blender" as soon as they feel they have enough to roll the random number generator of chance.
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