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Thread: In-Game FAQ (assistance required)

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    Default In-Game FAQ (assistance required)

    So the admins are looking to creating an FAQ for in-game use, but need our help. If everyone could rack your brains and post some common questions (with answers) to include that would be awesome. The moderator staff will try to keep the provided information in the first (few) posts to ensure everyone knows what has, and has not, been addressed.

    This will include anything from any of the platforms: FB, iOS, Web 3/4. So if your issue is platform specific, please notate that information.
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    Q: What resources/currencies are there in this game?
    A: Gold, skill points, guild coins, favor points, iron and lumber.
    Your energy and stamina will also regenerate over time and using them in the various areas of the game will net you experience points to level your character.

    Q: How do I get gold?
    A: At very low levels you will get gold from hitting other players in PvP and a little bit from hitting monsters. Once you have a bit of gold, you can go to "Town" and purchase lands that generate gold. Eventually lands will be your main gold income source.
    Monsters will also drop lands.

    Q: Gold, what is it good for?
    A: Mainly for questing. You will need to purchase heroes, troops and gear to complete quests.

    Q: How do I get skill points?
    A: You will receive 5 skill points each time you level up. You also receive skill points for completing quests, ranking up in PvP, speedkilling monsters (one time reward) , completing achievements from the achievement page(*insert link*) and the guild skills achievement page (*insert link), and for earning gold/platinum and mithril medals in the Conquest Paths(*insert link to Emporium*)

    Q: How do I get guild coins?
    A: By participating in and collecting from guild battles. You also receive 1 coin for each Conquest Token spent.

    Q: What are they good for?
    A: Purchasing various things from the Emporium, from guild battle skills to special gear, skill points and essences from the Conquest Paths.

    Q: How do I get favour points?
    A: Monsters drop some, certain achievements give you some, however if you wish to have a constant supply you will have to purchase them with real cash.

    Q: What are they good for?
    A: Favor Points are essentially used to speed up the game. You can refill your energy, stamina and conquest tokens; collect more coins from each guild battle, or purchase generals and chests.

    Q: How do I increase my army size?
    A: By adding other players as Facebook friends then sending them army requests.
    If you are trying to add an iOS player, you will need to insert his army code in the proper place on the army page. You can also give your army code to other players and have them invite you.

    Q: I can't find the army page, nor my army code!
    A: Your code can be found on your army page, which is under the Keep drop-down. Alternatively you can use this link.
    This is also where you input other player's codes and send army requests.

    Q: Why should I bother increasing my army?
    A: - Army size is an important factor in PvP invades. The limit here is 501, with some heroes increasing it slightly.
    - There is a festival feat for army size. You will receive rewards for having a large army. *insert link to festival feats page*. These rewards are not given automatically, you must go that page and click the challenge buttons yourself.
    - It is a way to keep in touch and ask help from other players.

    Q: Is there any way to get old Arena gear?
    A: Nope. Limited time events give limited gear. There will be more Arenas however.

    Q: What about Alystra then?
    A: Neo - Alystra and Eternal Alystra are 2 different generals. Eternal Alystra is still limited to players that have achieved Eternal Vanguard rank in the 6th season of the Arena.

    Q: Are all Arenas exactly the same?
    A: No. At the very least we change the rewards, there are also format changes from one season to the next. Sometimes the changes are very significant.

    Q: Are the fp promos time-based or level-based?
    A: They are level based, however if you are many levels above the lvl of the current promo they will seem time based to you.
    We have released these sequentially to allow long time players to purchase lower level promos as well.

    Q: How do I make an web3(or universal) account?
    A: Web3 is available to players once the character is level 100.
    The Crusaders option under the Home dropdown menu allows you to create your log in and password. You must reply to the email to confirm your log in id.

    Q: I lost all the battle and monster points I had gained for my guild!
    A: These points are reset every month, a trophy is awarded for your guild and then you will have to start gaining points again. Rest assured though, your guild coins will not be taken from you.

    Q: How do I find my Facebook(and player) ID?
    A: Go to the Keep page and right-click the Stats tab. In the pop-up window select the Properties option(or Open in New Tab). The URL of this page will be displayed as:

    Conversely if you only hover your mouse over the Stats tab, at the bottom of your browser window the same URL should be displayed.

    Q: What does PvP mean?
    A: PvP= Player Vs Player. Generally it is a form of in-game competition between two or more players. Castle Age has plenty of features for pvp players.

    Q: So what are they?
    A: 1vs1 There is the original battle ladder:
    War ladder
    Festival Duels:
    Conquest Duels (and invades):

    Castle age also has group pvp in the form of guild battles and conquest. Strategy, activity and player strength all play an important role with these. We recommend joining a guild as fast as possible, because there are many rewards for being in an active guild.
    You can find a guild to join on the guild list , guild leaderboard or on the official forums

    Q: I see an option to invade, what is the difference between that and the duel option?
    A: Invade is army vs army. Your army can have at most 501 players (some heroes can increase this Max limit slightly). If your army is higher than your enemy's you will get a significant advantage, however your win is not assured, someone with better pvp stats can still overpower you even while having a smaller army.

    Q: How important are units and items and magic items?
    A: Army size, stats and units/items/heroes/magic items are all important components of a successful invade army and for best results you should not neglect any of those factors.

    Q: So what are my "pvp stats"?
    A: Attack and Defense. For advanced users there is also pierce and resistance power, these last two stats are useless however without a solid Att & Def stat to support them.

    Q: Oh! So if I want to focus on PvP I should put all my skill points in attack and defense?
    A: Nope, all stats are important in Castle Age, and you need one to get/use the others. You can head over to the official forums and talk with other players about advanced strategies.

    Q: What are the rewards for doing PvP?
    A: Skill points, gear, gems, guild coins depending on the PvP format. We recommend exploring the Battle drop down menus and see for yourself. Some people also enjoy PvP just for the challenge, you can always head to the official forums if you'd like to meet some of these players. Player Community is very important in Castle Age.

    Q: I am suddenly being hit by players that are hundreds of levels above me! What's going on??
    A: Have you recently leveled above 300? Players above 300 have to compete in PvP with everyone that is also above 300. While this may not seem logical to you, it is done to promote build diversity and in the end we believe it actually helps everyone rank up in PvP.

    Q: I don't understand how the battle news feed works.
    A: That feed shows who hit you. It only records the last 100 hits, newest hits being at the top. Through the revenge feature you can also retaliate in the PvP form you were hit, however be advised that if you choose to retaliate your attacker will now be able to use the revenge feature himself.

    Q: Why do I keep losing in PvP?
    A: Your opponents has more in total than you do. More equipment, personal stats, higher rune levels, all the little things that can be found in the game. The fastest way to fix this, is to add more attack and/or defence and you'll find you start winning more.

    Q: Why is it when I retaliate my target is "too weak"?
    A: When a player drops below 10 Hit Points they are no longer available to be targeted. This player will then be unable to be attacked until they log back into Castle Age, at which time their HPs are restored. Some players do so on purpose just before they log out to ensure no one can retaliate, others are attacked below 10 HP naturally after they have logged out.
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    Q: I do so little to monsters it's pathetic. How do I do more?
    A: Stamina is what you add for this. Some attack will be beneficial, but you'll ALWAYS need more stamina if you want to damage monsters more. You'll keep levelling up fast, so you'll get a full refill of stamina often and when you do, it'll be a bigger refill.

    Q: That'll take ages!
    A: Then you want something called an oracle refill. Refills cost 10 FP and are capped (if you don't see mention of a cap at the oracle, you're not capped yet). They can be a quick way to fix a problem for any player - old or new, free or spender. FPs can be gained in-game....but if you want to refill a lot, then it's money time. The game is very playable without using money, so play a bit before you decide either way.

    Q: I got some skill points after collecting from a monster, how come?
    A: There are several possibilities:
    1. You completed a monster achievement. You can check the status/requirements here: *insert link*
    2. You earned a gold medal for killing a monster in 24 hours while doing massive damage. You can check what medals you have earned on the monster summon page.

    Q: I did massive damage to a festival monster but did not receive skill points for my medal, why?
    A: You can only receive gold medals on "normal" monsters. So this excludes festival and guild monsters.

    Q: I got essence from a monster, but I am not getting it from all monsters, why is that?
    A: Only newer monsters have essence drops. Monsters that DO NOT have essence drops are: Gilgamesh the Orc King, Collosus, Sylvanna, Mephistopheles, Sea Serpents, Dragons, Lotus, Keira, Cronus, Skaar, Genesis, Ragnarok, Battle of the Dark Legion, Kromash, Shardros, Poseidon.

    Q: Well I hit a Gehenna, which isn't on the above list, and I am still not getting essences.
    A: It must have been a Tower of Transcendece monster(festival monster), none of the tower monsters drop essence or powders.

    Q: I am hitting monsters and they're saying I need more divine power to damage them. What's going on?
    A: Some monsters have a divine armor. You need divine power to pierce that armor. Monster themselves will drop loot that can be alchemized into items that have divine power. Some heroes will also increase your divine power. None of the heroes/items need to be equipped for their divine power to be active against monsters.

    Q: Where can I see how much divine power I have?
    A: There is a statistic on your keep page.

    Q: I added all the divine power of my items, and the keep statistic is saying I have less DP than I should.
    A: Only one item per slot(one weapon, one armor, one off-hand item etc) and one general is counted when your divine power is calculated, that is, the one with the most divine power.

    Q: Now I am losing damage because my piercing power isn't high enough!
    A: Get some items/heroes with pierce power. These will help you get your dmg back up, and will also help you in PvP. Unlike divine items, these need to be equipped.

    Q: Me and a guildmate had the same activity in a conquest mist monster, yet only he received credit for the 5% conquest achievement. Why?
    Most likely you were very close to the min limit, and you had more activity from energy actions (healing/strengthening/deflect/cripple). Stamina based activity (damage) is what matters for these achievements.

    Q: What happens if I make a monster public?
    A: It will appear on the public list, where anyone can see and attack it.

    Q: Can I make festival monsters public?
    A: No, you can not.

    Q: What monsters can be added to the priority monster list?
    A: Only monsters summoned from the monster summon page. No festival or conquest monsters.
    Each member of your guild can add only one monster at a time to the list.

    Q: What are heroes needed for?
    A: Most quests can only be completed if you have a certain hero "equipped" , these quest heroes are hired/recruited by paying gold.

    Q: Is that all they're good for?
    A: No! Your generals can help you in pretty much all areas of the game. Each general will have an ability(some help inn PvP, others improve certain guild battle skills, some let you complete quests faster). Generals with the same ability can be linked together on the general alliance page to increase the strength of one of them.

    Q: Where can I get more heroes?
    A: Other than the "Quest" heroes there are also "Favor" or Oracle generals which cost 30 Favor points each. Every 5 levels you unlock a new hero. You can check what generals you have unlocked so far on the Favor Generals page, under the Oracle drop down. Alternatively you can use this link
    You can also get generals by rolling chests. Some of the chest generals are very powerful, however be warned that it's a gamble whether you get an Epic general or some pretty(but mostly useless) trinket.

    Q: Is level 4 the max level?
    A: Nope. Initially it is, however using hero crystals you can raise the max level of your general. To get hero crystals you should join a guild and explore the Guild Conquest features.

    Q: How do I level my heroes?
    A: By using them! Spending stamina and energy while having a general equipped will give experience to that general.

    Q: Well... it's pretty slow going...
    A: If you received any powders while hunting monsters you can alchemize them into hero potions. One potion will give a significant amount of exp points to a hero.
    Heroes and potions can be aggressive, balanced or defensive . An aggressive potion can only be used on an aggressive hero. etc.

    Q: I used a potion and my hero didn't get exp. What happened?
    A: It's likely your general was in an incomplete alliance. The exp from the potion was probably used to power up the alliance. It's recommended you power the alliance by using stamina and energy, rather than using hero potions(because hero potions give more exp than the alliance needs)

    Q: Does Sano help with doing excavation/other time based quests?
    Nope. You can use those quests to level your other generals however.

    Q: Why should I care what level my generals are?
    A: Because the higher level they are, the stronger they become. Some have abilities increases, and even those that don't, will get stat increases. General stats matter in duels, invades and in war.

    Q: Why doesn't Sano's bonus work?
    A: At level 4 the general Sano provides a 5% increase to influence on subquests. However this is not 5% directly on top of the influence normally done, instead it is a 5% increase to the influence itself. Here is an example to explain.

    Assume that without Sano active 7.0% influence is obtained each time a subquest is completed. Now with a level 4 Sano active the influence gained is different. Specifically:
    Influence gained = 7 + 7*0.05 = 7 + 0.35 = 7.35% per attempt
    Note: Sano's power increases past lvl 4.

    Q: Can I change the name of my guild?
    A: No, there is no way to do this.

    Q: Does bonus collect work together with the triple coins bonus from Tuesday?
    A: Yes, which means that bonus collecting on Tuesday will give you 6x normal coins.

    Q: How do I get major heals?
    A: You must be able to beat your target in a reversed duel, as if whoever you are trying to heal is attacking you. If your defense power is higher than their attack power, you will get a major heal.
    Heal 2 and 3 will increase your defense power when healing an ally
    Note: Pierce and resist do not influence the result of the reversed duel.

    Q: How do I get Smoke Bomb?
    A: By earning guardian path medals. It will unlock as a purchasable reward.

    Q: I bonus collected in a Guild Battle, but my guild battle points(GPB) seem too low.
    A: While you receive 2x coins for double collecting, your GPB are not similarly increased. This way the activity based leaderboards will remain accurate.

    Q: Why is my guild constantly matched in guild battles with much weaker guilds? (for 5 hour battles)
    A: Guilds that opt in within a 5 minutes period are matched based on their lifetime guild battle points. If your guild is newly made, it's possible that it has a similar amount of points with an older, now more inactive guild, or with new guilds that are generally not very strong.

    Q: My friend's guild is doing 4 festival battles a day, while my guild can only do one festival battle, what are we doing wrong?
    A: Your friends guild is an iOS based one. Guilds started by iOS accounts have a different festival battle system.

    Q: I am getting red and green crystals, and powders of various colors from monsters, but it all seems pretty random, is there a rule, or is it really random?
    A: It's not random at all. Each crystal/powder type only drops on certain days of the week. Check out the Daily Bonuses page from the Home drop-down to see what drops when.

    Q: What are these crystals and powders good for?
    A: The crystals are needed to increase your heroes' max level past 20, while the powders can be alchemized into potions that will help you increase the level of your generals.
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    Q: I collected 4500 Conqueror points, but only received 1550 lifetime points. Why?
    A: Collecting in Conquest Paths will give you a certain medal, depending on the amount of points you collected.
    250 points: Bronze medal = 250 lifetime points
    500 points: Silver medal = 500 lifetime points
    1000 points: Gold medal = 1000 lifetime points
    3000 points: Gold + Platinum medal = 1250 lifetime points
    4500 points: Gold + Platinum + Mithril medals = 1550 lifetime points.
    Many rewards require you to have a certain number of platinum or mithril medals.

    Q: I collected 9000 points and received the same number of points and medals like when I collected 4500 points. Why?
    A: There are no extra rewards for going above 4500 points.

    Q: My point totals are going up and down, what is happening?
    A: There are several bonuses for your conquest points, and their values can change. Some depend on your guild level, others on the number of mist lands your guild has. If those variables change, so will the amount of points you have.
    You can click "View Report" on the emporium page, or while on guild conquest pages, to see how many bonus points you have in each of the 4 Conquest Paths.

    Q: I'd like to collect in just one Conquest path, is that possible?
    A: No, you have to collect in all 4 paths at once. Timing the collect is part of the strategy.

    Q: How do I get iron and lumber?
    A: You receive a small amount of iron and lumber when attacking or defending in Conquest Mist lands or Land of Earth castles.
    If your guild owns mist lands you can also collect resources from them once per day.

    Q: What do I need iron/lumber for?
    A: To purchase unlocked rewards in the Conquest paths you will need iron and lumber in addition to guild coins. Iron/lumber is also when building defense footmen in mist lands or upgrading defense structures in Land of Earth.

    Q: My guild can't seem to make any progress in the Land Sacking achievement or in the Fortifying achievement. What are we doing wrong?
    A: Nothing, these achievements are related to an older part of Conquest, Land of Fire. There is no way currently to finish those achievements, because LoF was removed from the game.

    Q: I have reached 500/1000/5000 lumber/iron, why am I not getting the skill points for that achievement ?
    A: You will need to collect resources from a Conquest Mist Land in order to receive credit for that particular achievement.

    Q: For the conquest path collect button should you hit this every day or is it better to let it build up for a week?
    You should collect depending on how many points you have accumulated, not on how much time has passed. There are medals for getting 250, 500, 1000, 3000 or 4500 points.
    Check out the Conquest Path shop to see what medals are required for the various rewards and decide what to aim for.

    Q: How far can we upgrade our towers in Land of Earth? Is there a limit?
    A: You are limited by your guild's lvl. So if your guild is say level 10, then you can only upgrade your towers 10 times. However, should your LoE tower be conquered/destroyed by an enemy guild, its defending structure will lose a level, and you can fortify it again.

    Q: What do I gain from fortifying my guild's LoE towers?
    A: In addition to building a strong structure that will help with the defense on of your LoE, you will also be clearing trading space from your guild's storage tanks. Your guild members can thus trade their essences to power up their runes and improve their runes.

    Q: What's the minimum number of people we need to have in a land of mist?
    A: You need 10 defenders, but at leasst one of them has to be a real player, not an npc defender (footman)

    Q: Why should I bother leveling up my guild?
    A: Bonus points in conquest paths. Higher chance of receiving blue crystal and powders.

    Q: How can I get experience to level up my guild?
    A: From levels 1 to 5 you will have to earn guild conquest trophies. These are earned by engaging in guild activities such as clearing Mist lands of monsters and defending them against attacks.
    After your guild reaches level 5, you can head over to the Land of Earth; defending your LoE from attacks, or destroying other guild's LoE gates will net you guild exp.

    Q: How do I get guardian path points?
    A: By defending your guild-mates(or yourself) in Conquest Lands (Land of Mist or Land of Earth).
    The following guild powers will give you guardian points when used: Heal, Resurrect, Dispel, Fortitude(**I am not sure this works) , Magic Barrier, Sentinel, Mirror Image(**I am not sure this works either lol), Smoke Bomb.
    Note: You must be able to beat your target in a reversed duel in order to receive Guardian Path Points. Casting on yourself gives a flat 50% chance of winning, regardless of your attack/defense stats.

    Q: How do I accumulate hunter path points?
    A: You are awarded hunter path points when collecting from Conquest Mist Monsters. The number of hunter points you get is determined by how much stamina you have spent on the monster at a 1:1 rate. You will also be awarded small amounts of bonus points for collecting from 1/3/5 mist land monsters. There's also another bonus for owning mist lands.

    Q: How do I get Engineer Path points?
    A: You are awarded Engineer points when performing fortify actions(costs Energy) in Conquest Land of Earth or Mist. There is a significant bonus to engineer points based on your guild's level.

    Q: Is there anything special about the gear unlocked in Conquest Paths?
    A: Yes.
    Conqueror gear has innate pierce power.
    Guardian gear has innate resistance power.
    Hunter gear will raise your crit chance against monsters.
    Engineer gear will lower your max energy and raise your defense.
    They will also all give you item archive bonuses to attack and defense just for owning them.

    Q: Health doesn't seem to do anything. What is it good for?
    A: The main use of health is to assist your guild. If you're not in a guild already, this is not likely to be something to worry about. If you are, or think you might join one soon - health will help out in a variety of guild activities, typically Guild Battles and Guild Conquest.
    It's not all good, though. When people attack you, you'll live longer in guild activities, but also in personal battles too. People can attack you longer, and steal more of your points. Points going into health are not going anywhere else, and don't really help elsewhere in the game. Look at both sides before making a decision.

    Q: How do I change where I added my skill points?
    A: You don't. All decisions are final. If they weren't, you could be a monster hunter one day, then an elite battler, and then a mountain of health for your guild. There'd be no reason to choose one stat over another.

    Q: What's a rune, what does it do, where do I get one and how do I use it?
    A: This is quite a big topic. Runes give you bonuses in attack, defence, guild health and damage but you start with nothing.
    The good news is, you have all 4 of the runes you'll ever get already. The bad news is, they're powerless straight away. Shiny rocks, nothing more.

    How do you get these? Follow these steps. If you haven't heard of part of what follows, it's too early and you don't need to worry about it yet. Otherwise:

    STEP 1: You'll need one of the following, eventually all:
    - A weapon with 50 points of total combined attack and defence.
    - An armour piece, also of 50 combined attack and defence.
    - One of a limited selection of gauntlets. The most likely by far will be the Knight's Bone Gauntlets, available via a feature called Conquest Duel. You'll have to purchase it afterwards in something called the 'Emporium', but by the time you've reached the reward you'll likely be familiar with it already. Most guild rewards end up there.
    - One of a limited selection of Helmets. Again, the most likely is made available by Conquest Duel, and is called the Soldier's Bone Helm.

    Once you've acquired one of these, move on to the next step:

    STEP 2: Under the "Keep" sub-heading, visit "Forge". All forge-able items will appear in the Equipment Selection. Pick the item you want to put a rune onto, and your options will appear below. You'll see on-screen which runes can go on which equipment - and a rune can only be on ONE piece of equipment at once. Simply select the rune you want, select "Combine" and confirm it. Your equipment now has a rune on it!

    STEP 3: Power it up!

    By now you've probably encountered funny coloured plates of dust called essences. Essences mostly exist for powering up runes. Whenever you have essence you want to convert, head to the Trade Market (Town sub-heading), pick a guild - find the essence you want to trade on that page, change the amount to the amount you want to trade (or nearest amount) and select trade. You'll need energy to do this. If the guild's tanks are full, you'll still get some charge for your rune, but it will be only 80% what it would be if you found an empty tank (or, worked with your guild to clear some space, then used it). Better than nothing, though.
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    Dude. This is seriously piss poor. The only people qualified to make an official game FAQ would and should be the developers in PA themselves. Who would know more about the game than the developers?

    Stupid ass move by dev team.

    EDIT: Also don't they have game testers? Make them do it.
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    Where to start? I can think of a lot of questions.

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    Will the FAQ list be static, or dynamic?
    Can the FAQ list be modified by people asking questions
    Can the display order be sorted by the frequency of the question
    Will the "click" list of the FAQ's sort the most frequent to the top

    Can the FAQ answer list point to external links:

    Will the FAQ list have both a defined answer area, and a new question area for Q/A?


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    Q) Why do the developers always use their customers as guinea pigs for all new content and Q&A threads, rather than do it themselves or use input from testers?

    nothing to festival/conquest duel link here fill ya boots cheating is tolerated now

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    Dear devs: do it yourselves. Thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defyeler View Post
    Dude. This is seriously piss poor. The only people qualified to make an official game FAQ would and should be the developers in PA themselves. Who would know more about the game than the developers?

    EDIT: Also don't they have game testers? Make them do it.
    Actually a very good point.

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