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Thread: Tribal Power Promo Pack

  1. Default Tribal Power Promo Pack

    Anyone cares to say who's Aki and if it is worth the money??

    EDIT: I am so sorry for my poor figure. What I meant was: we all know Aki was dedicated to a passed away player, it's a tribute to a good person, and this is enough to make it worth buying. But what's his skill?

    MOD EDIT: Let's keep this thread focused on game mechanic centered discussion, and keep discussions about Aki the player over here: Thank you.
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    cleric general, halfway between Sanna and Dawn - +6% at level 1.

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    seriously? D: the new general comes from a promo pack? does this mean the end of monthly specials? :|

    I certainly hope not. ;_;
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    It would have been better if they released this as an Oracle FP Gen rather than part of the Promo.

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    I would personally rather see Aki, if made into a general, be a gift general.... As I have stated b4... my request for the promo is a dragon whelp
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    Quote Originally Posted by Defyeler View Post
    It would have been better if they released this as an Oracle FP Gen rather than part of the Promo.
    I think lots of people will be at varying opinions about how this release should have been handled and we'll no doubt be flooded with protests from the different view points; however, the decision point has passed. At least for me personally, I will be trying to focus on the fact they believed Aki worth immortalizing in the game in their own way. I think that it's pretty cool. Limited edition, just like the real thing.

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    Still no colored crystals.

    It is getting to the point that the hero crystals are meaningless. My road block to upgrades are heading toward colored crystals, not hero crystals...
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    Do none of you realize WHO this is?

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    This is the first time (and probably the last) I'm buying the promo pack.

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