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Thread: Ogrimus, Death Rat Horde Help Thread

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    Default Ogrimus, Death Rat Horde Help Thread

    Post your Ogrimus, Death Rat Horde links and/or codes here for assistance.

    Do not post direct attack links. Read the Posting Rules for this section and try to post at most once every 2-3 hours.

    Please report anyone you find breaking the posting rules, and they will be infracted.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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    all attackers please do five mil dmg min

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    Here's a new Ogrimus!

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    Is anyone getting Marks from this beastie any more? I've smashed 8 in the last week to a level of 35-40M and got nothing.

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    Default Fully strengthened ogri

    3xsdgtwflk:101 fs org

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    Pwtyuo:101...feel free to chain Dennis unmercifully as he took the health bar down to @ 25%

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    Need some hitters that do around 30m each
    zg3jtx99x:101. Org - a bit over 24 hrs to go so should net you quick loot

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    16 hours left - any heavy hitters want to help finish this one off (if you can join?)

    Monster Code: naazk9:101
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