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Thread: Land of Earth Tower Strategy

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    Default Land of Earth Tower Strategy

    I was trying to come up with the best strategy for our guild as far as how to protect our 4 towers in Land of Earth.

    My theory is that you want to protect the Defense and Health tower the most since the essence stolen from those 2 towers in the event of a tower battle defeat is replaced at the slowest rate?

    When we had one of our towers attacked and we lost, we lost a bunch of the stored essence from the tower. It takes forever to get the defense and health essence back up while the Attack and Damage towers are back up to 100% almost instantly.

    Any flaws to my logic here? Put more defenders in Defense and Health towers because they replenish lost essence the slowest?

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    LoE is too new for people to make comment! But if you follow your logic, are you going to put no one in the atk and dmg towers?
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    That is an interesting thought.

    I think another thing you may want to think about is if you are using the fortifications. You may also give priority to whichever tower has fortifications as your fortification also loses a level when a tower gets destroyed.

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    Too many factors involved without knowing your Guild strengths (and as if you are going to give that way in a forum)

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    We only defend health and def towers, as those 2 are the hardest to fill in terms of essence. Losing damage and attack is actually beneficial to us, we get free space in our tanks.
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    isn't it just 400 essence ? only 2 trading cover it back, but you lose 40 guild exp if you fail defense. just fortify the gate then nobody pick on you. (for guild rank 5-6)
    for higher lv guild I don't know about their technique.

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    We always fill our damage gate with support classes. We free up 20k damage essence if we successfully launched the Terrifying Idol in every defense of LOE damage tower.

    Just make sure every defender contributes at least 10 tokens defend actions, 250 action is required to launch the Idol.
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    best defense is to remove every one from all towers or just put your strongest defensive players on 1 tower so every one has a spot to up grade to get path points and let the other towers fall they have no purpose other than that launch skill and a energy/wood/iron sink hole
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    Quote Originally Posted by mayi View Post
    LoE is too new for people to make comment! But if you follow your logic, are you going to put no one in the atk and dmg towers?
    LoE has been around a long time now, in game terms. The essence lost doesn't make any impact, since it is all replaced quickly. The question is do you want to advance your guild in levels, remain about the same or go down?

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    what's the best guild level to achieve, if you want to remain relatively unmolested in land of earth?

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