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Thread: Is the code for Ameron correct?

  1. Default Is the code for Ameron correct?

    From my extended use of Ameron with ww3, I feel short changed with the amount of ww damage Ameron does. Has anyone actually checked ww damage with and without Ameron? I feel as if the devs have the code wrong on this general.

    I see little difference to ww with Ameron. Is there anyone else who feels Ameron is light on for ww damage?

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    Yes, Ameron is light... even when allianced with Attilus. There are a handful of generals that do more damage with WW: Meekah, Deianira, Gabrielle, Deimos, and Jera.

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    My Ameron does his job as he is meant to. He adds +15% damage to the adjacent targets using ww.
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