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Thread: Any chance of gloves and helm with rune slot for IOS?

  1. Angry Any chance of gloves and helm with rune slot for IOS?

    Bit pointless having 4 runes when you can only equip 2 at a time..... FB can have all 4 so why not IOS?

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    It will come with conquest just hold on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awerththawre View Post
    It will come with conquest just hold on
    Pretty important ---- pretty much face Facebook players who can launch attack and damage runes at the same time, all the time, while we have to pick one or the other ( and are restricted to level 4 on our generals that use them )

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    The gauntlets in the current arena are promised to have a rune slot and obviously not a guarantee by any stretch. Still doesn't solve the helmet issue, but it's something. Who knows how far down the pipeline conquest for iOS is.

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    The arena gear is supposed to be slotted, but good luck getting the gauntlets if you aren't already legend rank or very close to it.

    I'm assuming the circlet or signet (swordsman rank or gladiator rank) is a helm and has a slot so that would take care of that.

    In any case, I'm no where near to getting the gauntlets and I'm tired of waiting for conquest to come to iOS so I'm planning to transfer my account to FB anyway.

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    on iOS, from the "home" menu go through the steps to create a "Universal Login and Security"
    Doing this will let you log into CA using the WEB3 portal (i.e. on a computer w/ a web browser, but bypasses facebook).

    Using the WEB3 portal will let you participate in conquest duels and purchase related gear (like knight's bone gauntlets).

    Granted, you can only participate in conquest duels when you're on a computer (i.e. can't use iPhone or iPad), but at least there's ONE way to get that gear with an iOS account.

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    Like the guy said, get on WEB3. You actually can access it from a web browser on your iOS device. The day they granted that access I dropped $20 on a 120 pack of FPs and had both the gauntlets and the helm before it was all spent.

    Good Luck!

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