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    Maybe I just don't fully understand the Essence Storage system yet, but it seems ridiculous that my guild has no control over who trades essences in our market. As soon as we increase our capacity, the essence vultures from the mega-guilds swoop in and upgrade their runes to level 3849 and prevent me from getting to level 6. So then I have to choose between not leveling my runes and becoming a vulture myself.

    What is the benefit to my guild in allowing random strangers to use my guild's limited capacity to upgrade THEIR runes at OUR expense? Why is there no way for us to prevent this? Is it possible to implement a fix which will allow each guild to control who has access to our market?

    Perhaps I'm missing something, but this whole arrangement seems broken to me. Can anyone enlighten me?

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    seems like you gotta vulture in and take it, my guild is dead so this is what i do.

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    I suggest you coordinate with your guild, and as soon as you upgrade your storage let those in your guild know that you have done it so they can upgrade their runes IMMEDIATELY, and fill up your storage capacity.

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    That's what we're doing, DWW, but it just seems to me that my guild should have some say in who can trade essences in our market, since we were the ones who supplied the lumber, iron and energy to create that capacity.

    Now that they've increased the storage capacity associated with each level, maybe the capacity shortage won't be as pronounced as it was in the early going.

    However, there will come a time when every guild has maxed its capacity and those of us who don't spend hundreds of dollars a month will be left out in the cold, holding thousands of damage essences that can't be used anywhere because the big spenders got there first.

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    There a guilds out there looking for help filling their storage. The more essence you have stored the better.

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    The devs have stated that soon there will be implemented a benefit to guilds for having higher storage ranks and essences. It should make sense to us when we discover what that is to be.

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    The guild bonus under each runes in my keep is not already that benefit?

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