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    Default Land of Earth

    Land of Earth. Before you read, understand I am not a dev. This is a very complex UI to get the Devs intentions across. Subject to change. I cannot implement features or refund you FP or make fairies come flying down from the sky. This is for information.

    Land of Earth is effectively in BETA MODE. Rewards, gains and losses will be ZERO for the time being while we gather data and allow everyone time to get used to the feature.

    Every guild has one castle.

    Every castle has 4 towers. Attack Tower, Defense Tower, Health Tower, Damage Tower.

    Every tower can be independently garrisoned by 25 soldiers, much like Land of Fire and Mist.
    • -You must slot yourself into position.
      -You may X yourself out of position.
      -UPDATE: You can defend both mist and earth at the same time. I imagine this will be the case until the new fortification options are implemented.

    You cannot be knocked below rank 5 through playing LoE.

    Once this feature is in full swing, guilds will be split into different groups based on rank, similar to how guilds are split in battle lists. You will not be able to attack a guild significantly above or below your rank.

    Fortifications may be built in each tower separately.

    Land of Earth castle, never expires, nor has monsters to defeat. It is simply always there.

    The overall goal of LoE; is to defend your castle from enemy wars/guilds so that you can maintain your guild-wide % bonuses to your stats which are derived from the AMOUNT of essences you have stored in each "tank". Additionally there is a lot of guild XP to be had from attacking enemy castles/towers. Higher guild ranks will unlock more rewards (once implemented) in the war shop.

    When can my Castle be attacked?

    Your castle is open for a war declaration, at any time, unless you are in recovery mode after a war has concluded.

    Once a guild declares a war against you, the war lasts I believe, 24 hours. Your guild has 24 hours to defend each tower. The towers work the same as Land of Fire and Mist battles for pvp mechanics. Each tower has 1000 actions, 25 defenders (or a mix with fortifications) and a timer (which is the same across all four timers).

    After a war, you have a recovery period. I am not sure how long. During this time you may once again adjust defenders, ect.

    How do I attack Castles?

    Officers and GM's start WAR with other castle that is in vulnerable state. This will cause the castle to enter the combat phase. All powers/players/classes are locked in (for the defenders), the same as conquest LoF and LoM for the 24 hours duration.

    The guild starting the war must pay an upfront "cost" in rune essences to initiate the war. This unlocks the ability for the rest of the guild to enter the enemy castle and begin attacking defenders.

    Subsequent guilds (through their officers!) that find the Castle already in a WAR, may join for free.

    Once inside the enemy castle you are presented with 4 towers of a specific essence storage.

    Each tower acts as its own unique battle, with it's own list of 25 players.

    Each tower has it's own independent victory/defeat collections.

    In effect, starting or joining a war is simply the gateway to attack any of the 4 towers as their own unique battles.

    To destroy a gate, defeat all defenders and fortifications within 1000 actions (PER tower!). Once you have killed all the defenders, the Rune-Essence CRYSTAL is exposed. Spend 20 some tokens to bash down the crystal. Then receive your spoils!

    What is this DMG LEADERBOARD btn?

    Every tower your guild attacks "tags" your guild on the DMG LEADERBOARD for that specific tower. Other guilds may also do the same. Your guild collectively, contributes to the damage of the tower by damaging the defenders. This will climb you up and down on the leaderboard. The higher up you are, the more GAIN you will receive if the tower is successfully destroyed. All guilds participating will SPLIT the total rewards, by rank (highest getting the most of the pot). I don't know a lot of specifics here, sorry!

    Should you FAIL to destroy a tower, after you have tagged your guild on it, you will suffer a penalty in the RISK category.

    Therefor it a good idea to coordinate your guild on certain towers you can commit to, rather than spreading around your efforts!

    What happens when we lose a gate to attackers?!?

    You will lose guild XP and some essence (per tower lost). This can happen on ALL FOUR TOWERS if you lose them all!

    If you lose enough guild XP to LOSE A GUILD RANK, you will lose a guild rank! Your STORAGE TANK will also de-rank as your new GUILD RANK is now less, if your storage tank was at MAX CAPACITY! You will lose all essence that existed in that rank. IE I was guild rank 10 with a rank 10 attack storage. I lost enough guild XP to de-rank to rank 9. All essences that would normally be held in rank 10 are lost, since my storage tank is forced down to rank 9 (my guilds new max rank).

    Additionally, you will still lose SOME essence of the towers type, if you lose a tower (and it is not enough XP to cause a de-rank).


    -Based on your storage amounts, your guild receives a threshold bonus as a percentile (IE everyone in the guild would get +5% attack stat for having X amount of attack essence storage!).
    -You maintain your guild XP rank.
    -You maintain your storage tank capacity that is based on guild XP rank.
    -No essence will be lost from the tank (rather, you will be rewarded..I think I have to confirm).

    Other notes:

    A guild cannot be de-ranked below rank 5 (which unlocks LoE).

    More to come. Heading home.
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    Everyone can now slot themselves in as a defender in their Land of Earth Castle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Padaxan View Post
    Everyone can now slot themselves in as a defender in their Land of Earth Castle.

    Can we defend this if we are defending another land in Mist or Fire?
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    Sorry if this is mentioned anywhere but couldn't see it if it is:

    So we can't opt out of defending to safe guard our guild XP? We are a small guild so if I am reading the above correctly we need to defend ALL 4 towers with our guild so we put a 1/4 in each tower? If we defend 1 tower and leave the other 3 towers with no defenders I presume those 3 towers will be sacked every single time and we will loose our hard earnt guild xp?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Homey View Post

    Can we defend this if we are defending another land in Mist or Fire?
    Yes. (I'm in Fire and this.)
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    Updated some info.

    More to come when I get home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Padaxan View Post

    What happens when we lose a gate to attackers?!?

    You will lose guild XP and some essence.

    If you lose enough XP to LOSE A RANK, you will lose a rank! Your STORAGE TANK will also derank as your new GUILD RANK is now less! You will lose ALL ESSENCE stored in that tank.
    Which is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Padaxan View Post
    Does this mean I can't defend LoM and LoF?

    -Correct. We are making new awesome-er fortification options to garrison your lands, however. This will come out next.
    Again, please clarify .. we know we can't defend both LoF and LoM at the same time. Right now, we can have a defender in both the Earth and either LoF or LoM, but you're saying that we won't be able to defend both at the same time?

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    he did say it.

    If you loose the tower, you loose some essense and exp. If you loose the rank, you loose the difference between ranks. IE you got to 6, and upgraded to 6, and than lost and went to rank 5? You are now at rank 5 essense.
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    If storage is lvl 2 holding 60K and we loose a rank and go to storage lvl 1 holding say 20K I think we loose 40k but needs clarifying as OP stated ALL ESSENCE.

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    It's hard enough to Increase guild rank in conquest. Now we have to worry about LOSING it? This is nuts. Again, y'all cater to the huge guilds with the huge players. This is getting ridiculous.

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