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Thread: Abomination, Ancient Slime Help Thead

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    My Abomination, Ancient Slime
    -111hrs left, Rules posted in monster comment, new one, its public now
    Monster Codes: j44tah:101

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    Annabelle's Abominatin, Ancient Slime
    -117hrs left Rules posted in monster comment
    Monster Codes: bevxwv:101

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    My Abomination, Ancient Slime
    -133hrs left, fresh, rues posted in the monster comment
    Monster Codes: j44tah:101

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    My Abomination, Ancient Slime
    Help needed. 48 h to go
    Monster Codes: zg4sa3txo:101

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    Gold medal attempt.

    Go for 21.000.000+ dmg

    Monster Codes: zg3sqv2hi:101

    Click here for the link

    Monster Codes: zg3sqv2hi:101

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    2 aboms I joined from public that seam to be in trouble.



    Both seem to have been made public late, but can easily be killed.
    Shaw landed a CRITICAL HIT on Cronus, The World Hydra hitting them for an UNGODLY amount of Damage[329,413,590]!
    Shaw is conquering the world of Castle Age and has levelled Brakus to 80!
    You are victorious in battle, taking 148 total damage and dealing 6744 total damage to your enemy.

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