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Thread: ***How to LOG OUT of your facebook account on iPhone***

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    Just delete the app and re-download it. Voila.
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    deleting the app is how I have done it before. and yes I followed the instructions, and I only have one FB account, so, fairly sure it's the right one

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    new update IOS CAHD is not working on the setting anymore.. need to manually log off. =="

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    This morning I used web3 and entered my fb crusader acct and got into the game, entered the guild battle, changed my loadout...then enabled my item archives, and prayed. Went to hit people...strange results, not sure whats up. So get out of ipad, go to iphone, log in there on fb account (iphone app) and have to reenable item archives and pray loadout looks good. Still odd though, so I finally get to my pc log in to find item archives were NEVER enabled, the original loadout is still there, never changed, never demi prayed, so how in the world am I supposed to utilize that app if it doesnt do what it says it did? Anyone else have this issue? (yes I signed out and in everything correctly)

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    I cant login to my ios account, only FB works. I tried everything that is written in this thread and nothing works for me. I manyally logout and when I press iphone Login I get my FB account. If I press Facebook Login I get this weird message: IMG_9307.jpg

    and Castle Age Login takes me to my FB account as well. I even deleted the app and re-installed it... still all the same.

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    after all this time still no answer... does anybody know why this is happening????

    Death of rats that thread is closed and I still cant log in to my ios account. Deleting the application doesnt work for me. I still get this message com.facebook.sdk:SystemLoginDisalloedWithoutError -_-
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    Quote Originally Posted by mindtwisters View Post
    disable the secure browsing in FB security settings works for me. thanks
    Along with that, You will have an option to choose the trusted devices. If you woud not like to allow any device to access your facebook, you can opt it.. Moreover, you can get SMS or Email Alert when someone tried to access your account from any device. That is working for me very well. Thank You.

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    Been there. Done that

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    I know this is off topic, but I am attempting to access my old binded account through my new device. I have the email but not the password. What should I do? I sent an email to support team but they have not gotten back with me. Perhaps there is something can do on my end? Sorry again for it being off topic.

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