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Thread: Prior Tournament Results Compiled

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    BRACKET 1051-1150
    Supreme Champion:Mad(Nasty)Mardigan
    Worthy Adversary:╰☆╮₲Я€ℳLЇℕ ツ
    Maybe Next Time:₢৲ Chaotic Crash ৲₢
    Also In The Points: Serge

    BRACKET 1151-1250
    Supreme Champion:an angry kitten
    Worthy Adversary:��ⓁⓉ��┣▇▇▇═��
    Maybe Next Time:Mazinger Z

    BRACKET 1251-1350
    Supreme Champion:$quishy Mc$quishersoη
    Worthy Adversary:Vlad the Impaler
    Maybe Next Time:8legs2fangs
    Also In The Points: ℳandred ₮orgridson {PvPvM}

    BRACKET 1351-1500
    Supreme Champion:IℜONLUNG
    Worthy Adversary:Puяяяяяя {ℜ}
    Maybe Next Time:Veech
    Also In The Points: ᗪᗩNЇⒿᕮᒪ {ℜ}

    BRACKET 1501-1700
    Supreme Champion:Spellfire
    Worthy Adversarya****e
    Maybe Next Time:Ripper
    Also In The Points: ☠–€☠Lena Astra{†ΛҜΩ}

    BRACKET 1701-1900
    Supreme Champion:Anonymous
    Worthy Adversary:{{⊕ΔΚ}} Wicket the Ewok
    Maybe Next Time:Thťoden of Rohan (RotR)

    BRACKET 1901-2100
    Supreme Champion:Kaℜla Ⓦ☠Ⓑ ΣҜΩ
    Worthy Adversary:Bodka
    Maybe Next Time:Olivia [M.E.O.W] DCF
    Also In The Points: Elandal [FIN] ΛĢ

    BRACKET 2101-2500
    Supreme Champion:╰☆╮☨stygιaи☨
    Worthy Adversary:INFEℜNALⓌ☠Ⓑ
    Maybe Next Time:☠Lady Aℜtemis♥Ⓦ☠Ⓑ
    Also In The Points: Dynamis Ⓦ☠Ⓑ

    BRACKET 2501-3000
    Supreme Champion:Giuseppe Viscovich
    Worthy Adversary:Ivan➁Ⓚ{⊕ΔΚ}ℂѦ♚∬�
    Maybe Next Time:–eborah ♞ ĢṼ-ΛĢ
    Also In The Points: Footman

    BRACKET 3001-3900
    Supreme Champion:Ⓦ☠Ⓑ✈Uli♔❂♉ΣҜΩ
    Worthy AdversaryD {Č} ♞ ĢṼ-ΛĢ
    Maybe Next Time:Łĭȿἁ
    The old school Ronins test no archives, no runes

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