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Thread: Prior Tournament Results Compiled

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    Default Prior Tournament Results Compiled

    For archiving and searching purposes, I figured I'd list all of the Tournament results:

    Quick Summary:

    • wraith (x3)
    • Maud'dib (x3)
    • Thresh (x3)
    • Eternal (x2)
    • ibanezk7 (x2)
    • ΘЇ (x2)
    • Fugie (x2)
    • Peaceful
    • EJW
    • Syra
    • XxRyanxX
    • fl3dge
    • Beren
    • Mursilis
    • Kessar
    • BornThisWay
    • James MC
    • ⊰☨Ѧℜ ℙѦℵѦ⊱
    • sarlyjo
    • DEJ06
    • greychilli
    • kiknchikn
    • God.
    • Energize_swe
    • Enginsama
    • The Resurrection
    • Norski Dude
    • (FF)
    • Wirqoca
    • MJTempleton

    • Thanos (x2)
    • Mursilis (x2)
    • humilityII (x2)
    • wraith (x2)
    • Mytch
    • Luxor The Moonprince
    • Peaceful
    • gnduke
    • Neo007
    • abante
    • dmariey
    • Carley
    • SoulCatcher (wizard)
    • Pum'Kin
    • greychilli
    • Maud'dib
    • chowmein123
    • God
    • Aldo
    • The Resurrection
    • Onimad
    • Sisa
    • Kach
    • Heroe del Silencio
    • Drazule
    • Tree Vermin
    • XxRyanxX
    • Kessar
    • BornThisWay
    • Auzzie
    • Atanatar
    • Rhinehart
    • Dynamis
    • Gordo

    • The Resurrection (x2)
    • valjewell (x2)
    • kiknchikn (x2)
    • Reldon (x2)
    • Princess PunkSunflower (x2)
    • Val
    • Neo007
    • rdlee3z
    • Syra
    • RiverRock
    • FancyNancy
    • greychilli
    • Defyeler
    • TanithTT
    • humilityii
    • Divdar
    • XxRyanxX
    • CMOTDibbler
    • Dynamis
    • EJW
    • Imperium
    • echo expugno
    • Fl3dge
    • Thanos
    • buckusean
    • Dark Flagg
    • jmaurage
    • AreYouSerious
    • Spellfire
    • graham 1966
    • jussi
    • richsmojo
    • Fugie

    1st Tournament

    Level: 80-299 - Date: August 2010

    Gold: wraith
    Silver: Mytch
    Bronze: Val

    Level: 300-599 - Date: September 2010

    Gold: Eternal
    Silver: Luxor The Moonprince
    Bronze: Unknown

    Level: 600+ - Date September 2010

    Gold: EJW
    Silver: SoulCatcher (wizard)
    Bronze: valjewell

    2nd Tournament

    Level: 80-250 - Date: November 2010

    Gold: Maud'dib
    Silver: panz
    Bronze: Neo007

    Level 251-300 - Date: December 2010

    Gold: wraith
    Silver: Thanos
    Bronze: rdlee3z

    Level 301-499 - Date: December 2010

    Gold: ibanezk7
    Silver: Mursilis
    Bronze: The Resurrection

    Level 500-999 - Date: January 2011

    Gold: Eternal
    Silver: Peaceful
    Bronze: valjewell

    Level 1000+ - Date: January 2011

    Gold: Fugie
    Silver: gnduke
    Bronze: Syra

    3rd Tournament

    Level 80-249 - Date: June 2011

    Gold: Thresh
    Silver: humilityII
    Bronze: greychilli

    Level 250-299 - Date: June 2011

    Gold Maud'dib
    Silver Neo007
    Bronze RiverRock

    Level 300-359 - Date: June 2011

    Gold: wraith
    Silver: Thanos
    Bronze: kiknchikn

    Level 360-499 - Date: June 2011

    Gold: XxRyanxX
    Silver: Mursilis
    Bronze: Defyeler

    Level 500-699 - Date: June 2011

    Gold: ibanezk7
    Silver: abante
    Bronze: The Resurrection

    Level 700-999 - Date: June 2011

    Gold: Peaceful
    Silver: dmariey
    Bronze: TanithTT

    Level 1000-1399 - Date: June 2011

    Gold: Syra
    Silver: Carley
    Bronze: FancyNancy

    Level 1400+ - Date: June 2011

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    For those interested in full results... (I can't find the tournament threads for the upper level sections of the second tournament ).

    Individual Tournament Threads (for reference)

    PvP Tournament #1 (August 2010)
    a) 80-299 :
    b) 300-599 :
    c) 600+ (swiss) : (scroll down)

    PvP Tournament #2 (December 2010)
    a) 80-250 :
    b) 251-300 :
    c) 301-499 :
    d) 500+ : ???

    PvP Tournament #3 (June 2011)
    a) 80-249 :
    b) 250-299 :
    c) 300-359 :
    d) 360-499 :
    e) 500-699 :
    f) 700-999 :
    g) 1000-1399 :
    h) 1400+ :

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    Default Prior Tournament Results Compiled

    A compilation of the results for each bracket of CA PvP Tournament number 4.

    80 - 249 Bracket
    Winner: ODIN
    Runner up: Pum'Kin
    Third Place: Reldon

    250 - 299 Bracket
    Winner: fl3dge
    Runner up: greychilli
    Third Place: Princess PunkSunflower

    300 - 359 Bracket
    Winner: THRESH
    Runner up: Maud'dib
    Third Place: humilityii

    360 - 399 Bracket
    Winner: Beren
    Runner up: chowmein123
    Third Place: Divdar

    400 - 439 Bracket
    Winner: Mursilis
    Runner up: wraith
    Third Place: kiknchikn

    440 - 499 Bracket
    Winner: Kessar
    Runner up: God
    Third Place: XxRyanxX

    500 - 699 Bracket
    Winner: BornThisWay
    Runner up: Aldo
    Third Place: CMOTDibbler

    700 - 999 Bracket
    Winner: James MC
    Runner up: The Resurrection
    Third Place: MSCA GILAD

    1000 - 1499 Bracket
    Winner: ⊰☨Ѧℜ€ ℙѦℵѦ⊱
    Runner up: Onimad
    Third Place: Dynamis

    1500+ Bracket
    Winner: Fugie
    Runner up: daBLOODLUST
    Third Place: EJW

    A big congrats to all the winners and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves with the tournament.
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    Results for Tournament #5

    Tier 80 - 174:
    Winner: sarlyjo
    2nd: Sisa
    3rd: Imperium

    Tier 175 - 249:
    Winner: DEJ06
    2nd: Kach
    3rd: echo expugno

    Tier 250 - 299:
    Winner: ΘЇ
    2nd: Heroe del Silencio
    3rd: Reldon

    Tier 300 - 359:
    Winner: greychilli
    2nd: Drazule
    3rd: Fl3dge

    Tier 360 - 399:
    Winner: Maud'dib
    2nd: HumilityII
    3rd: Princess PunkSunflower

    Tier 400 - 449:
    Winner: Thresh
    2nd: wraith
    3rd: Thanos

    Tier 450 - 499:
    Winner: kiknchikn
    2nd: Tree Vermin
    3rd: buckusean

    Tier 500 - 599:
    Winner: God.
    2nd: XxRyanxX
    3rd: Dark Flagg

    Tier 600 - 699:
    Winner: Energize_swe
    2nd: Kessar
    3rd: jmaurage

    Tier 700 - 849:
    Winner: Enginsama
    2nd: BornThisWay
    3rd: AreYouSerious

    Tier 850 - 999:
    Winner: The Resurrection
    2nd: Auzzie
    3rd: Spellfire

    Tier 1000 - 1249:
    Winner: Norski Dude
    2nd: Atanatar
    3rd: graham 1966

    Tier 1250 - 1499:
    Winner: (FF)
    2nd: Rhinehart
    3rd: jussi

    Tier 1500 - 1499:
    Winner: Wirqoca
    2nd: Dynamis
    3rd: richsmojo

    Tier 2000 +
    Winner: MJTempleton
    2nd: Gordo
    3rd: Fugie
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    I wonder if we could update this for the last two years

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom360 View Post
    I wonder if we could update this for the last two years
    I believe the two after this were not forum tournaments, which is why the results are not in the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomasj8 View Post
    I believe the two after this were not forum tournaments, which is why the results are not in the forum.
    Ah. Well it'd still be nice to put the results of those two on here. Maybe one of the organizers could do it.

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    the results for tournament 7. Was not an official forum event but was spammed here enough and rewards were given by the devs

    CA PvP Tournament VII - Duel Finals

    BRACKET 138-190
    Supreme Champion:๒гยןค๔lรยєгtє
    Worthy Adversary:Fat Cat
    Maybe Next Time:ΨĐOΨ Roddy ΨĐOΨ
    Also In The Points: Lucas

    BRACKET 191-260
    Supreme Champion:♬кутαѕтяσρну♬
    Worthy Adversary:cataclysm
    Maybe Next Time:Manoi

    BRACKET 261-310
    Supreme Champion:☢ Ӗvil ϼrincešš ☢
    Worthy Adversary:火雲邪神☣
    Maybe Next Time:Ϯℍє Ŋἷηʝa ℛąt

    BRACKET 311-370
    Supreme Champion:Imp The Wimp
    Worthy Adversary:C❂NJURE {ℜ}
    Maybe Next Time:शक्ति
    Also In The Points: Homer

    BRACKET 371-440
    Supreme Championaniel
    Worthy Adversary:Kach
    Maybe Next Time:that damn bunneh.....again
    Also In The Points: A Man with No Arms and No Legs

    BRACKET 441-490
    Supreme Champion:φ RiverRock φ
    Worthy Adversary:GU [W.O.O.F] [DCF]
    Maybe Next Time:BEOWULF {S༨བYཇ☈S}
    Also In The Points: ΛƬᏞΛᏚ {S༨བYཇ☈S}

    BRACKET 491-540
    Supreme Champion:Xkalliber
    Worthy Adversary:Sir Smashalot
    Maybe Next Time:eric
    Also In The Points: Muralasa

    BRACKET 541-590
    Supreme Champion:clint
    Worthy Adversary:Icewraith
    Maybe Next Time:a Lemming with a Herring
    Also In The Points: syed

    BRACKET 591-640
    Supreme Champion:Ninja Chicken
    Worthy Adversary:Ŵhk∑
    Maybe Next Time:Joshua of the Night's Watch
    Also In The Points: Rong

    BRACKET 641-690
    Supreme Champion:Trouble
    Worthy Adversary:Sheriff of Naughtyham
    Maybe Next Time:Pang
    Also In The Points: LeeAnn's Puppy

    BRACKET 691-750
    Supreme Champion:Tristam
    Worthy Adversary:Squishy Puppy
    Maybe Next Time:Squishy panther TotW BrAnQues
    Also In The Points: ⒶLT

    BRACKET 751-850
    Supreme Champion:ΤҤRΞSH
    Worthy Adversary:ᔕᗩᘎᙅ૪ᔕẗᖺᔕᕴuirrel
    Maybe Next Time:Regulus Qalb al-Asad
    Also In The Points: ℜealtor ★OoA★

    BRACKET 851-950
    Supreme Champion:Chie
    Worthy Adversary:Kessar
    Maybe Next Time:McB
    Also In The Points: Isidora

    BRACKET 951-1050
    Supreme Champion:Chad
    Worthy Adversary:√iℂⓉℴℜ™★OoA★
    Maybe Next Time:Troy
    Also In The Points: Blade
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    BRACKET 1051-1150
    Supreme Champion:the ЯUINER
    Worthy Adversary:Mad(Nasty)Mardigan
    Maybe Next Time:╰☆╮₲Я€ℳLЇℕ ツ
    Also In The Points: Aradiel ⊰V☠H⊱

    BRACKET 1151-1250
    Supreme Champion:an angry kitten
    Worthy Adversary:baadblood
    Maybe Next Time:Mazinger Z
    Also In The Points: az ☨╰☆╮

    BRACKET 1251-1350
    Supreme Champion:Vlad the Impaler
    Worthy Adversary:$quishy Mc$quishersoη
    Maybe Next Time:Ꭶεχץ Ꭶu❡ar-ᎿiᎿs
    Also In The Points: Nexus [Ronins]

    BRACKET 1351-1500
    Supreme Champion:Veech
    Worthy Adversary:Puяяяяяя {ℜ}
    Maybe Next Time:IℜONLUNG
    Also In The Points: {ⅅ☠ཀ}ჂԼΞƉƓƎHAMMER

    BRACKET 1501-1700
    Supreme Champion:₢৲Captain Chaos৲₢
    Worthy Adversarya****e
    Maybe Next Time:Martyr Ⓦ☠Ⓑ
    Also In The Points: Spellfire

    BRACKET 1701-1900
    Supreme Champion:☣CAIN☣ Batt☯sai ㄨ
    Worthy Adversary:Anonymous
    Maybe Next Time:Thoden of Rohan (RotR)
    Also In The Points: {{⊕ΔΚ}} Wicket the Ewok

    BRACKET 1901-2100
    Supreme Champion:Kaℜla Ⓦ☠Ⓑ ΣҜΩ
    Worthy Adversary:Bodka
    Maybe Next Time:✧}Slу ztieя{✧

    BRACKET 2101-2500
    Supreme Championynamis Ⓦ☠Ⓑ
    Worthy Adversary:INFEℜNALⓌ☠Ⓑ
    Maybe Next Time:╰☆╮☨stygιaи☨
    Also In The Points: ☠Lady AℜtemisⓌ☠Ⓑ

    BRACKET 2501-3000
    Supreme Champion:Footman
    Worthy Adversary:Giuseppe Viscovich
    Maybe Next Time:➁Ⓚ Steve ★OoA★ {ℜ}
    Also In The Points: Ivan➁Ⓚ{⊕ΔΚ}ℂѦ♚∬�

    BRACKET 3001-3900
    Supreme Champion:Ж ASKEℜ Ⓦ☠Ⓑ {BOMB}
    Worthy Adversary:Ⓦ☠ⒷUli♔❂♉ΣҜΩ
    Maybe Next TimeD {Č} ♞ ĢṼ-ΛĢ
    Also In The Points: Łĭȿἁ
    The old school Ronins test no archives, no runes

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    invade results for tournament 7

    CA PvP Tournament VII - Invade Finals

    BRACKET 138-190
    Supreme Champion:Returner Gatekeeper
    Worthy Adversary:Lucas
    Maybe Next Time:ΨĐOΨ Roddy ΨĐOΨ
    Also In The Points: Marc

    BRACKET 191-260
    Supreme Champion:Manoi
    Worthy Adversary:Bluto
    Maybe Next Time:Little Boy TǾMί€-JέῙ

    BRACKET 261-310
    Supreme Champion:The Bouncer♥TǾMί€-Jέ

    BRACKET 311-370
    Supreme Champion:C❂NJURE {ℜ}
    Worthy Adversary:Imp The Wimp
    Maybe Next Time:Stephanie
    Also In The Points: ♒WilloWisp♒☽♞ℛ♞☾

    BRACKET 371-440
    Supreme Championaniel
    Worthy Adversary:Kach
    Maybe Next Time:Adamantium
    Also In The Points: A Man with No Arms and No Legs

    BRACKET 441-490
    Supreme Champion:GU [W.O.O.F] [DCF]
    Worthy Adversary:ΛƬᏞΛᏚ {S༨བYཇ☈S}
    Maybe Next Time:TℜΞΝɃ☣LΩℵΣ
    Also In The Points: Hawkster

    BRACKET 491-540
    Supreme Champion:₣st ☻ƒ Jєsцs
    Worthy Adversary:Sir Smashalot
    Maybe Next Time:Xkalliber
    Also In The Points: Adam

    BRACKET 541-590
    Supreme Champion:a Lemming with a Herring
    Worthy Adversary:clint
    Maybe Next Time:Icewraith
    Also In The Points: Seasick Sea Serpent(TWS)

    BRACKET 591-640
    Supreme Champion:h4dr0
    Worthy Adversary:Joshua of the Night's Watch
    Maybe Next Time:chaos reins
    Also In The Points: ֆɨʀ ɖʀɨռӄֆǟʟօȶ

    BRACKET 641-690
    Supreme Champion:Sheriff of Naughtyham
    Worthy Adversary:Trouble
    Maybe Next Time:Ⓦ☠Ⓑ☾ ḀŞ ξ
    Also In The Points: 'B.Scott

    BRACKET 691-750
    Supreme Champion:Tristam
    Worthy Adversary:Squishy Puppy
    Maybe Next Time:Nyarlathotep {AW1}
    Also In The Points: Draconus

    BRACKET 751-850
    Supreme Champion:ᔕᗩᘎᙅ૪ᔕẗᖺᔕᕴuirrel
    Worthy Adversary:ΤҤRΞSH
    Maybe Next Time:Prodigal★WarGryphons
    Also In The Points: Sporkupine

    BRACKET 851-950
    Supreme Champion:Chie
    Worthy Adversary:♔Jannie ❂♔Ⓦ☠Ⓑ
    Maybe Next Time:Kessar
    Also In The Points: Horald ★OoA★

    BRACKET 951-1050
    Supreme Champion:√iℂⓉℴℜ™★OoA★
    Worthy Adversary:Chad
    Maybe Next Time:Blade
    Also In The Points: Captain GoodNight
    The old school Ronins test no archives, no runes

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