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Thread: Organized Chaos ~ Recruiting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCableGuy View Post
    Second Page is no place for this thread.


    Still looking for a few more actives to fill slots. lvl 800+
    I offered to join but only one guy from your guild test hit me. It would be nice if your officers would try out a squishy like me before I have to submit the lengthy paperwork.


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    Currently looking to fill open spots with lvl 800+ active battlers. 5000 combined A/D required
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    We have 3 open slots.
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    If you like less rules in your game then Organized Chaos is you guild you are looking for. (waves hand around like a jedi)
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    i am getting squishier, will apply when i get stronger :P

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    Have 9 open spots. Looking to fill with level 800+ PvP "Bucket Heads." Warriors and rogues preferred.
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    9 -sounds like the finnies left.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjtvdl View Post
    9 -sounds like the finnies left.
    Yup, they moved on to C4. They will probably leave there shortly as well....
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    My guild has 25 open slots to pull in active battlers. If your guild needs a fresh start with the actives it has send me a PM. We are looking for level 800+ but we are flexible. Organized Chaos is lvl 24 vanguard.
    Some info on us here
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