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Thread: D.H.T. recruits new members

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    Hi, I am interested in your team. Please add me A82b1a thanks fc

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    I am a level 1325
    army code 8AEACE

    I also have 2 others that are mine - 447 and 850
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    Hi, sent you invitation via your army code, or you can join via link below:

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    Default D.h.t.

    Spring clean up for removing members who have gone inactive is in progress, more spots are available in our friendly and active guild All are welcome to join

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    I've sent a pm to Lomarann for guild invite, including my lvl and stats,i will leave my army code here in case he is offline during these days

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    Inacives removed, more slots are open for those who are seeking active and friendly guild

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    Thanks for your interest, together we grow stronger

    More spots are available for new active members. Join us to our friendly and established active guild.

    Max activity in all guild events
    Myst Conquest monsters: Ouroboros, Cronus Astaroth, Vargulis, Samael
    Normal Mode: Orc Horde, Abomination, Baal, Lord of Darkness

    D.H.T [Dragon Hunters' Team, since the very beginning]
    [currently 90+ members, those who go inactive are being replaced as we go]

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    Do you guys have a web3 address? I don’t have FB as I am an iOS player.

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