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Thread: D.H.T. recruits new members

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    Default D.H.T. recruits new members

    We are recruiting more Members! If you are looking for a friendly guild which will help you in everything they can and battle along your side, join in.

    Minimum required level is 300+ Everyone expected to participate at least some of the guild battles, after all 5 hours is a long time, but no drama if you can't but rather contribute to myst conquest monsters. Conquest Myst participation is also a must, everyone is expected to do at least 1m minimum damage and click 1 stamina Siege.

    - Guild level is 24

    - Guild members' level average: 900+

    - Almost all of the members are active, or at least check daily (few on temporary leave, if a member goes inactive for a while, will be replaced).

    - We are in top 50 guilds in monster hunting, but not that good in Battles, also hoping for more pvp players

    - We have both PVP and monster hunters, and all hybrids in between

    - We do not ask for passwords or impose policies about what to do to the players. It's up to the player to shape his/her own character up to his/her desires. Though, naturally participating guild activities are expected.

    - Ours is not a guild that people behave that this game is most important thing in the world. personal passions are member's own decision. The more the merrier, to share the fun and help along on the way, is our motto. Yet we are very unified and well-organized

    - We are active in guild battles, 10vs10, 100vs100, conquest battles, conquest monsters and all the rest. The time line for guild battles is European evening and Continental American afternoon. It might be too early in the morning for the East.

    - We maintain at least 3 lands in Land of Myst. Power crystals and conquest path rewards are too good to ignore Monsters are, for normal explore, Orc Horde, Abomination, Baal, Lord of Darkness ; and for Hard Explore, Ouroboros (so far good spawn rate), Samael, Vargulis, Cronus Astaroth.

    - We go for Earth conquest daily, with small gaps for refilling.

    - We coordinate nicely and smoothly. People have the chance to follow their own progression and participate guild events and reap all the benefits.

    - We have a guild page that we set up files to help players with important information, updates and guides as well.

    - We will give more officer status in time to new members. People quit and are replaced in time, adjustments are done accordingly. I, myself, am an archaeologist and have to go excavations and research expeditions, so I wouldn't like there to be any management issues while i am away.

    - Our guild was formed when guilds were first introduced to the game and survived all quitters and stayed active.

    - People are using chat at varying degrees. It is up to the members how much they use it. Using it for fun and chatting is fine. We have a guild page and a chat log.

    - Farming strategies is up to the player. though, we would help if we can.

    - We have weekly Serpent event, where we farm for Favor Points.

    - All who seeks an active guild, which lets you build your own strategies, help you along on the way and have a friendly environment, and cooperates all together smoothly, are welcome.

    Not just quantity but quality, still the more the merrier; which is the more active, participant, friendly, determined and up for fun ...

    D.H.T [Dragon Hunters' Team, since the very beginning]
    [currently 90+ members, all who go inactive are replaced, guilds are to the benefit of both sides]
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    thanks for your interest. Our total number is now 61. The average level for the guild is above 400 (96 lowest, 578 highest)
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    the more to share the fun, thanks, still more space

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    Still more space to share the fun

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    thanks more are welcome

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    Thank you, our numbers grow, still space to share the fun

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    We are recruiting new Members! If you are looking for a friendly guild which will help you in everything they can and battle along your side, join in. Everyone has to begin from scratch, all who are serious about it and active is welcome. Though, minimal level for applying is 200, for guild battle concerns. Those of lower than 200 should contact us for reasons like being highly active, pvp based progression and such.

    Not quantity but quality The more the merrier, which is the more active, participant, friendly, determined and up for fun ...

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    Default thanks

    Together we are stronger and the game merrier Our numbers and cumulative level is rising. More space available, join in

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    still more place for you to join in, if you re looking for a friendly active guild

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    Thank you, still more space for those who are interested

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