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Thread: iOS Guild Recruitment

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    IPredators is looking for more active members, we run a weekly boot if not active system, unless we know why. We are alpha ranked and run 4 battles per day, the guild is more focused on battling than monsters, though we do have a few good monster hunters and have not let any priority monster flee, recent monsters glacius, alpha bahamut, Ragnarok.


    Lvl 120+
    Prefer pvp build
    Please send stats and code to FF2FEC for chance to join.

    iPredators *Testing, testing 123*
    Awerth~{DSU}~ (FB) & DaddyHawk (IOS FF2FEC)

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    HEY EVERYONE this is ratster911/robert from unholy3 u looking to join a facebook/iphone guild hybrid ? We have a facebook group for assist links for guild conquest lands and also web3 link to play full version of castle age mobile.. we battle 4 times a day on iphone battle times are eastern daylight time 12 am 6 am 12 pm and 6pm. If u are facebook account at the 6pm battle we do 5 hr guild battle through app. Are current record is 132-17 come join a winning team
    Add 3f6654 ratster911 and message me
    Please dont look to join unless over level 250+ sorry
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    ADD ME 3f6654 iphone army code RATSTER911
    facebook id :
    Once army members message me or just apply to guild

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    I got an invite to a guild yesterday which I accepted and this Koenig when I woke up I found that I was kicked out. I did not do anything just joined then went to sleep and bang I got kicked out

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    I play on iPhone but I also have a FB account. I fail to understand why you would not let a FB player join your guild. FB accounts have access to more quests and features which in a sense makes them superheroes compared to ios players. Having FB players in your guild would only make your guild stronger .

  5. Default 4Kings recruiting

    Hello fellow castle age peeps 4 kings is relatively new guild (2months) currently bouncing between vanguard and alpha (so far holding 9 battles in alpha) with an avg lvl of 106 levels range from 65 to 240 avg activity is 25 peeps looking to boost avg up a min lvl cap is 118 were a friendly bunch looking for more active people to help keep us in alpha if u want a change of guild and looking for some fun and excitement plz feel free to pm oh also avg of 50 peeps helping to take those beasties down with some good pvp builds 7.0 bsi, we battle 3 times a day 11am 5pm 11pm est

    Have a nice day and hope to hear from u soon

    Chuck (418ed5)
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  6. Default UK GMT Playerz


    We are looking for active battlers with a BSI of 3 and a level of 150+

    We generally have 60 people active in battles and are looking to move that to 80

    We battle 3 times a day UK time 11am 5pm 11pm

    We have members from all over the world and have a good craic

    PM me

    Leytonor 6ac9f0

  7. Default Alpha Guild Looking for Recruits

    Please add - 879AC9

    Guild Details:
    - Looking for players 150+ looking to join an active Alpha Guild
    - 2 Battles per day (9:00am PST and 3:00pm PST)
    - Must be active as we boot inactives on a monthly basis to keep out guild strong

    PM me if you are interested in joining.

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    Looking for a low level guild that is mainly UK/Euro based. I'm using a Idevice and am currently at lvl 40 and really enjoying the game. I just need a guild that is more centred around my timezone.

    6E59DC that's my code if you wish to add me. Hoping to hear from someone soon

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    Default need Army active

    i do need more active player to join my guild " Ninja Emperor " ,,plz find this guild and join, code is B61396 ,im welcome .im very active 24/7

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    Default Alpha10 iPhone PvP battle guild (💀Slayers💀) moving to S༨λYཇའS

    💀Slayers💀 is resetting into a brand new guild to make another run into alpha. This new guild will have several strong PvP level 500- 300 iPhone players.

    If you've fought us before, you know that we're strong and coordinated. We focus on teamwork and high BSI.*We generally have 40 to 60 active during battles. Attacks are called out and coordinated for specific strategies. Our battle times are 12noon and 6pm eastern US time. We also add a midnight battle on the weekends. Our collective Average BSI is 4.5 Some of our most successful members have reached iPhone BSI's of 8.8, 7.5, 6.2 etc....

    All members are focused and committed to improving PvP and BSI. Anyone that joins would be expected to do the same. We also have a training guild (Mini Slayers) in vanguard for raising BSI and collecting guild coins.

    Add Cristy (our leader) to see the new guild. 95140B S༨λYཇའS
    My code is*1773CA. Add me to see the original guild 💀Slayers💀

    (Battle Rank: King / BSI: 6.2)

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