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Thread: iOS Guild Recruitment

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    True Blood is looking for new members. We're a fun hybrid guild, happy to have battlers, monster hunters, any actives. We're a low pressure guild, open to new players and willing to help you learn the ropes if needed. Conquest activity appreciated. PM me if interested 3687B5
    Need peeps for your army? 3687B5, 7E55E8, 04BFF5, 220659, 942A70, E8ECF5 & 2F3E25

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    8A20C8.... Starting new guild. Active conquest, need firepower for guild war

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    my guild just disbanded. Looking for ranking vanguard guild. Semi-Active level level 1175+ 8000+ BSI.

    army code 0B5030

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    527180.... Starting new guild. Pershing Swords recruiting....looking for rankings 10 to 500s. Others can apply. Active conquest, monster hunts and rdy for guild war

  5. Default 1994 a.d. is recruiting

    Hey kids, 1994. a.d. is looking for members. We're starting from scratch, there are no rules to follow. Mix of PvP or monster hunting, whatever you like. Noob friendly, but of course heavy hitters welcome

    Good community so far!

    Add B7BD79 and pm me for invite
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    just made guild call knight wing my old guild no longer, so made one looking for member to join me am here everyday frist member to join me i will rank as offer please call one come all that have guild come join me,

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    Pershing Swor 71ds is recruiting active members. It is Level 4 almost Level 5. We are active with 12 members so far. We are a growing guild.

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    Add us to ur army BF3DFD E2000F 34432B A86210 77E0D4 527180 971109 95BBB4 BCC15C 21D1DD C57314 F7656C 06407A

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    my guild [Crimson-American-Ninja-Army] we are looking for new members all lvls welcome all we ask is that your active and also when you join request to join our facebook group to thank you very much thank you very much guild_id=1429547690_1393570461
    join me on youtube and my facebook group if you like what you see in my channel then please like and subscribe thank you all

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