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Thread: iOS Guild Recruitment

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    Default iOS Guild Recruitment

    **Imperial Guards**

    "Halt humble soldier,

    You have ventured into the camp of the Imperial Guards. If you are fighting in the war against the demons and evil in this land you have nothing to fear. In fact we are looking for strong and determined heroes like yourself to join us.

    Our numbers have been sorely decreased after months of warfare and we have need of new blood. We can give you food and shelter in return for your skills on the battlefield.

    Take a seat by the fire while you make up your mind. Have a bowl of stew and talk to the others. It may have been more than fate that brought you wandering this way tonight..."

    We are an i-phone based guild made up of friendly members based in the UK who battle at GMT 16:00. Looking for new members to build up a new guild. Feel free to come check it out and look forward to meeting you.
    No recruitment restrictions at the moment.
    Add 38ECB6, or don't. Either way I'm happy.

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    PM me via the forum with questions or army code. Or just reply to this thread and I'll send you an invite. Didn't realise there is no search function on the guild screen - you have to look through the whole list!

    Add 38ECB6, or don't. Either way I'm happy.

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    Stand with us or fall at our feet

    New Fast Growing Guild. We are fueled by relentless ANGER and grow off the bodies slain by our swords. Our focus is GUILD WARS and we do 3-4 guild wars daily. We're 45 members strong and all are active during guild wars. Join us as we ascend the ranks and challenge the elite.

    If your lower level that's ok our main pre-req is being active and attend at least 2 wars daily. Please don't apply if your schedule is too busy to attend wars. We want only those who contribute.

    To apply 13A5A9 add me then apply or if we're army mates already my main account is level 131 llXxRENNICORxXll


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    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a section of the forum dedicated to guilds and groups already.

    You may find it far more useful to start a thread in that group for the purposes of increasing your guild.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackheartslc View Post
    You would have us advertise our iOS guild, (at least in my case) in the facebook forum? I'm not trying to recruit facebook people at level 9000 to my guild.

    Is there an iOS specific guild forum you can point me too? If not, then make this one a sticky or something or create an iOS group that we can use more appropriately.

    Isn't the iOS festival guild battle separate from the facebook world guild rankings?
    The CA section we have here is not FB specific. The information provided in terms of how things work is generally the same between FB and iOS. Yes there are some differences, which is why this subsection exists. But as far as groups are concerned they are all on the same servers so should be fine being listed in the same subsection. You can always specify your guild as iOS only.

    As far as rankings, I have absolutely no idea if the iOS festival guild or any other guild part is separate from the FB side. I have heard reports of iOS only guilds fighting FB guilds.

    If enough people feel an iOS only guild section is warrented we can look into that.
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    It's warranted. We can't even accept most fb players due to the message "player is too high level to join your guild" They are working hard to segregate us even tho were on the same server so might as well give us our own separate recruitment thread

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    I agree, since there are currently so many more features available on fb many people looking for an iOS guild will be searching here. Especially given the Unobtainable stats most advertised fb guilds require. Several people have suggested a separate "guilds/guides" section in the mobile forum - hopefully this is being considered. Until there is something there doesn't seem to be anywhere more appropriate than general discussion for this thread.
    Add 38ECB6, or don't. Either way I'm happy.

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    Default Solamic Knights

    Join the Solamic Knights, to fight for honour and valour in battle! We are recruiting knights with thirst of battle and willing to join armies to grow stronger and powerful.
    Join us and be a companion amongst companions!
    We're a made from all over the world, and everyone's welcome if really active, with 3x battle a day (often 4), we wish to improve ourselves, our guild and be active in community.

    Why Solamic Knights - the registrations was misspelled, it should have been Solamnic Knights, from dragon lance series. It's the order of the knight of the friends group looking to know about his past and honour of the code of the knights of Solamnia.
    007378 & 0B1A4A
    FB1 - 99E5D6
    FB2 - 46AF8C
    Join the Solamic Knights, to fight for honour and valour in monsters! or join End Of Ages to battle hard!

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    CASKΣT CRΣW is recruiting!

    We're a new guild with over twenty members and we want you to help us in guild battles (2PM-PST, 8PM- PST, and at 8AM-PST), 24/7 monster battles, and for just chatting.

    We're all looking to have fun but succeed in moving up the guild rankings.

    Add CD26C3 and give me your army code for an invite, or click on CASKΣT CRΣWguild link on my Keep and hit hit join, open to everyone with no minimum level requirements.

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    A new guild page for iOS guilds is definitely warranted for the sole reason that you MUST possess an iphone/ipad etc to join one.
    That and the new cap means the people that can join an iOS guild is severely limited.
    AND these guilds compete in different leagues.

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