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Thread: Directory of Monster Hunting Groups

  1. Default BAM Boss and Monsters

    [QUOTE=Death of Rats;2476673]This thread will attempt to be a list of major and minor monster hunting groups for Castle Age. This is not for listing battle guilds.
    General -Everything- Monster Groups[*]Pierce Monsters

    Please add BAM Boss and Monsters under the general groups.
    BAM Boss and Monsters main page. Links to all the BAM monster groups that host the individual monster battles. Monster battles are not posted here.

    Please remove the BAM Elements from the Pierce Monsters. That group was dismantled into individual monster groups.
    BAM Fenix
    BAM Kessaran
    BAM Poseidon
    BAM Abomination
    BAM Baal
    BAM Lothorewyn
    BAM Svarog
    BAM Urmek

  2. Default

    Hydra farming group. All die within 36 hours (released to public after 24 hours), only 50-100 stamina hits until the 24 hour mark. Purpose of group is to farm hydras for fp and cronus units. Repeat offenders will be kicked. Expect all memebers to summon hydras whenever they want and at least once a month.

  3. Default LoC Divine Power Hunting Group

    LoC Hall of Warriors can be found here:

    We run dedicated crews for most divine power granting monsters. Our full list of crews is:

    Poseidon, Jahanna, Aurora, Ambrosia, Malekus, Kessaran, Baal, Azeron, Svarog, Abomination and Vermilion. We are going to be starting Aspect of Death soon.

    If you are looking to build your divine power, no matter where you are, start or halfway through, come give us a try and we'll get you moving along on your divine power journey.

    With over 900 members, backed by a serious group of slayers, we have done over over 2000 monsters with zero failures and have completed almost 2000 divine items for our members.

    We offer item tracking and will guide you on your journey from one crew to the next offering you a hassle free system to build your DP.

    We look forward to hunting with you!

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    Unfortunately Hunting Jahanna had to close down, it has been replaced by a new group:

    Monster Hunters of CA

    Primarily a slow kill monster group, we're working on Aurora's up to Samaels.
    Last edited by indiscipline2001; 03-05-2016 at 05:55 PM. Reason: HJ closing down...

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    Looking for Aurora and Ambrosia Slow Kill Groups
    I was a member of one, it disbanded. Anyone have recommendations beyond searching facebook for the groups?

    (AyameNoop Answered me) ---->
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    This one is really active at present (Aug 2014) Summoning at least one a day. A nice slow kill group. I am a member and I would recommend it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by indiscipline2001 View Post

    This group runs slow kill Jahanna, Aurora, Ambrosia, Malekus, Azeron, Poseidon and Kessarans to help Castle Age players obtain their divine armor/weapons.

    The monster events in this group are group driven, to allow all to gain as many epic drops as possible. We expect the monster to last 6 full days so everyone can get their damage in. We have never had a monster fail.

    We have over 4,300 members, and run 100-120 slow kill monster events monthly.
    yes... now that's what "cream of the crop" means.
    Frank - Ashyn - Amy
    01F9A5 - 3E86A0 - 491B83

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    please update the private slow kill groups

  9. Default

    Anyone know of a good head hunt group or main only group?

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    Default Quest

    I would just like to know when the next, Quest land will be open ?
    I just finish Outer Realms

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