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Thread: Directory of Monster Hunting Groups

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    Slow Kill Society -

    A menagerie of scheduled slow-kill monsters with Slayer death insurance (though we are not a rescue group beyond doing what we can if something nasty comes up). Every week we have scheduled monsters consisting of free choices, monsters voted on by popular demand, an Aurora and recently a Fenix. We also have ad-hoc gold monsters and a "side dishes" section where members can post any monster to share with the group.

    Anyone is welcome to join who can refrain from panicking and/or c2a'ing in an untoward fashion by using the request to join button (no messages needed). Attendance is not mandatory on any monsters, we just ask that members do what they can on the monsters they choose to join

    Sig pic very kindly created by kill.them.all in this thread
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    Hunting Jahanna - slow kill group with rules. Don't like them - please don't join.

    Jahannas- 40 people max - 26 million cap - min 10 million
    Auroras - 30 people max - 30 million cap - min 10 million CTA'S PERMITTED AT 24 HOURS
    Ambrosia -28 people max - 34 million cap - min 10 million ALL CAPS REMOVED AT 24 HOURS
    Azeron - 28 people max - 34 million cap - min 10 million

    1) NO CTA until 24 hours at least - No Focus CTA - No Sharing code - enter using monster code ONLY
    2) No CRIPPLE - EVER
    3) Enter as warlock only - exception is at the start - someone with high energy is ranger to fully strengthen
    your last action is always to heal. (note : critical hits STILL NEED HEALING AFTER - the correct party damage isn't shown)
    5) Sign up required - once signed up - you are added to a group - the monster code is put there.

    well run and well monitored - rule breakers are politely removed from group (not sure about warnings). People get removed every week. Currently 16 slow kills running - 4 sign ups running. 900 members & not failed on a group monster yet. Not a clicking site or a critical response team - ctas aren't to be posted on page for whatever monster you have.

    It's all about allowing members the full time to get MAXIMUM damage and get the most drops - not about killing them fast. I apologize for spelling the obvious slow kill rules out.
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    Castle Age Festival Monster Killers

    Took over an old group and are trying to remake it into something great need active members to post and kill monsters all levels are welcome and there is a spot for all festival monsters apply here to join

  4. Default BAM Element/Resistance Monster Hunting

    If you are interested in non public monster hunting of the newer resistance/elemental monsters, then try out this open member BAM group!
    Fenix, Kessaran, Urmek, Posiedon, Vorak

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    I search for Thanatos group and kraken but cant find any..i dont care for fast normal or slowkill just monsters i can join hit and collect. and no i dont want to summon them, cos i want get enough people to hit for it..that is the reason i seach for groups

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    Any Groups that are geared towards getting the Gold Medals?
    Only one I've found was Castle age gold runs and speed kills
    But wondered if there were others
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    next gen monsters (Kessaran, Poseidon, and above)

    by Georgina Gaudette and Michael Atkinson, admins

    Fenix Group
    Slime Beast Group
    Poseidon Group
    Vorak Group
    Urmek Group
    Kessaran Group (name only..I can add you to the group)
    The Great BAAL group

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    Do any of these groups do the head/essence achievements on the monsters? Can't find a group for the life of me that's doing them.

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    Slow Kill Posiedon Group:

    Seeking members and summoners. Please read and agree to rules when joining. Thanks.

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    We are now at the halfway point of our disjointed epic. If you are just arriving, you have missed little.

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