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Thread: Directory of Monster Hunting Groups

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    Default Directory of Monster Hunting Groups

    This thread will attempt to be a list of major and minor monster hunting groups for Castle Age. This is not for listing battle guilds.

    To be listed:
    If you have a monster hunting group, post a description (include what types of monsters and what types of kill-speeds), link for your group or contact information, and application process below, and I will add your group to a linked list here in the first post.
    To update your listing: you can either edit your linked post or make a new post at the end of the thread which I will then edit to be the new linked listing.
    To remove your listing: Let me know either through a post here or via PM, and I will delete your group from the list.

    General -Everything- Monster Groups

    1. BAM Boss and Monsters
    2. Castle Age Group
    3. DSC - Dragon Slayer Clan
    4. H.E.ℜ.T. - Hydra Emergency ℜesponse Team
    5. Spartan Elite
    6. Ye Olde Itchy and Scratchy Dragon Hunters Guild(e) TM

    Specialty Monster Groups

    2. Castle Age Festival Monster Killers
    3. {DfA} Hydra's Hydra Hunters
    4. HMK Keira, Lotus, and Raids (KLR) Team
    5. LoC Hall of Warriors
    6. Worldwide Guild Alliance
    7. Next gen monsters (Kessaran, Poseidon, and above)
    8. Dark Order of the Shadow
    9. Hunting Jahanna
    10. Jahanna Slow Kill Group
    11. Slow Kill Society
    12. Slow Kill Posiedon Group
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    Worldwide Guild Alliance
    Slow kills of divine monsters (Jahanna, Aurora, Ambrosia, ocassionally others)
    Application: Apply, receive rules as PM, confirm them
    Damage and loot spreadsheet # Wikia: Piercing and Resistance # 15m+ gold medals without FPs: All

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    DSC - Dragon Slayer Clan. Oldest tagged structured clan with worldwide Guilds/time zones.
    PvP and Slayer builds welcome, Guilds that cater to both
    Monster groups include slow burns for divines such as Jahanna, Aurora.
    Small Monster Group for those with lower stam or looking for achievements.
    Hunter/Slayer groups for elite monster slayers.
    Serpent hunting group for those seeking SW and FP's.
    Forums, chats we have it all.
    Check out our website and register/apply. We will contact you shortly
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  4. Lightbulb Spartan Elite

    Amongst the first Monster Slaying Groups in the Game
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    Castle Age Group

    About :
    "Castle Age" - Biggest MMORPG Game In Facebook. Join with over 15 million players in this Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) & Raise an army of knights & other mythical creatures. Build a powerful kingdom to defeat your enemies .

    Mission :
    Join With Us , As A Together We Will Be Stronger ...
    (Please Invite All , But Don't Banner Here For Any Guild)

    Description :
    Dear Castle Age Players & Friends - Here Is The Castle Age Group Page Now Opened For Your Solutions Of Your Games Problems & Can Share Here Anythings (Like Monster CTA Help , Summoned Monster Etc Etc) ... We Will Always Try To Help You As Like A Comments Or Clicking Your Links !!! So We Hope Everybody Will Want To Joined Here . Please Help Others Friends To Share Somethings ...

    Facebook Group Site :
    "Castle Age Group"

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    HMK Keira, Lotus, and Raids (KLR) Team ~ including a long-running event for Deathrune Siege Raids to help people get Chase (plus tagging them is an excellent way to get Spartan Warriors)

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    H.E.ℜ.T. ~ stands for Hydra Emergency ℜesponse Team.

    Description ~ who we are and what we do ~
    We formed when Hydras were the biggest monsters around. As one of the oldest groups in the game, we kept the name, but, we slay everything.. .at all speeds, from crits, to slow kills, to record breakers and everything in between.

    To join ~
    If you’re over level 300 and interested in joining, please contact a member of the admissions group for the complete admissions process

    Karen Allies
    Michael Welch
    Heather Liolios -
    Carol Kerry -
    Boot Me

    created by Jain Zar

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    Ye Olde Itchy and Scratchy Dragon Hunters Guild(e) TM... the THIRD oldest Monster slaying guilde in the game... we are NOT a FAST kill group (as a matter of fact if you want a monster to last a LONG time let us know about it and we can GUARANTEE it gets ignored LOL)... We are Rarely serious but we DO KNOW some Serious people and have CONNECTIONS with everyone.

    Link (for those who cannot use the PICTURE link in my SIGLINE)
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    I'm not sure how everyone can say they are the oldest group, however another old group formally Dawn of Swarm , is now Dark Order of the Shadow.
    Slow kill monster hunting group with a wide range of activities and time zones. Active guild.
    All player levels welcome.

    Contact : Terri Gardner Ulrich
    Mark Neumann
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    Post {©.Θ.©} ƇƠmmƲƝƖƬƳ ƠƑ ƇԼƖƇƘЄƦs


    We are a Combined Group Hunting and Assisting in Castle Age Monsters as well as HOD Monsters-

    To join- Must be an Active Player in Either Game- (You do not have to play both games to Join)

    We send a daily MAM Event as well- with the days current list of Monsters to Join or Assist-

    To Apply- Just ask to Join or you may contact an Admin

    Heather Shaw-

    Chris Onslow

    Paul L. Carter
    Keep Link In Siggy

    Boot Me ^made by me^ Bring Me Back

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