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Thread: Official Stat Check Topic

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    Forgot to mention with Refine Crystals, a Player can easily boost their Atk by +19 x 8 (or 19 x 9) or even higher so that helps diminish Sahar’s buff.

    19 x 8 is 152 more Atk.

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    I would not count out Sahar if leveled or if 6*. Mine is at lvl 79 and 6* combined with Dolo 4* lvl 65 and Barb 4* lvl 56. 2849/1638 is what I get with this combo. If I had it to do over I would like a 6* Guin at level 79 and would have put her in front but such is not the case..she is only lvl 47 and 5*..she would fit as she adds pierce in battle and against some monsters like Ouro.

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    I see your points. And I think I will agree that I should stop leveling Maalvus for now. Had I known Barbarus has a new ability before I would have foused on him immediately. Thanks all!

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