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Thread: Opera Browser Functionality

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    Default Opera Browser Functionality

    Up until several days ago, CA was working fine in the Opera Internet browser but it is no longer rendering properly (unable to scroll down - cuts off the game window and doesn't allow scrolling)

    Any others experiencing this problem??

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    I get that now and then in opera. It only seems to happen when I'm following a link. I can usually clear that condition by opening another tab and renavigating to the same position when that's possible. Refreshing, cloning the tab, or repasting the link does not seem to clear it for me.

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    same problem, happens to me no matter what I do.

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    Same here, can no longer scroll in Opera since a couple of days

    Edit :wtf now same problem in Chrome -_-
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    The Logos is without beginning or end.

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    Is your flash up to date? That might help (no guarantee though)

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    same here...

    it could be fixed with using http instead of https

    but till yesterday this is not a solution anymore

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    I can confirm this issue with Opera Version 11.61 Build 1250 (32-bit) on Windows 7 (64-bit) and Adobe Flash Player 11 Plugin 64-bit with HTTP and HTTPS.

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    CA is not based on Flash, so that could never be the problem. Have you blocked anything with Operas built in blocker?

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    From the FB dev pages about FB.Canvas.setAutoResize
    This function will be removed on January 1st, 2012 as announced in this blog post. Please use FB.Canvas.setAutoGrow instead.
    So actually it looks like some browser make it right and the height stays at 800 pixels.

    Here the link:

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    Hello guys,

    The developers are currently working on fixing this problem.

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