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Thread: why are you still here?

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    Question why are you still here?

    have been actively joining in ca forums for about a month or so... but with so many players quitting, threads that gives negative impact to our new players (i.e. cheating, alts, resets that still haven't been solved), bad public images to the devs and sometimes to other players; and for the neverending whine threads for the new and the old...

    question is...

    Why are you still here? (what could be the positive thing in CA that still make you stick around.)

    me- i got some plans for my ca acct. i.e. ranking up, getting certain items and of course all the new friends i met here. but the things that make me stick here are:

    1)i challenged myself to pass the level of a certain player(s), i remember that when i've started CA one player was like a 150 levels above me... so i don't know if i would pass her someday before i even get tired on playing this game, but it's a great feeling that im closing the gap. (note she's now only 89lvls above me.)
    2) that guy that chained/killed me twice in one day when i was only lvl250ish and he's 300ish... i would get me revenge at him someday. (note im 40+ lvls above him, and planning to visit his keep this christmas. )
    for the meantime add me 5E51FD and this
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    I still enjoy playing CA with my friends. Monster hunting still works fine, PvP still works fine, though we've pretty much given up on guild battles, there's still plenty of other stuff to work on. I and my close friends are mostly working on climbing the tower of Transcendence. It looks like an attainable goal, and it works reasonably well.

    If we hear that Guild Conquest is working and fun we may try it out, in the meantime their are plenty of monsters to slay.
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    I'm not here anymore. In fact, if I start playing again, I'll probably just do it because I'm so close to level 300 anyways.

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    1. I love monster hunting
    2. I don't need to put a lot of time in this game, however, if I have some time to spare, I'll intensely kill serpents even use a refill perhaps. If I have very little time, I just join big monsters and dump stam and ene once every day and pray.
    3. Been playing so long, checking into CA has just become a part of my life, a habit if you will.
    4. I'm not gonna say for the people, I can still chat and talk to the friends I made on CA even without playing...

    Quote Originally Posted by Tass View Post
    1. We haven't been updating PVP much and have been going out of our way to drive traffic away from PVP toward other features for about 4 years.

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    In the case of CA...I have an endurance thing going. I expect to be here on CA's last day, most likely. Whether or not I will be still speaking to anyone, or if there will even be anyone left - is a different matter! I have an endless stream of quirks, foibles, and impossible theories to test - for no other reason than I can. To name but a few, I want to see natural (no FP) golds on 600M+ monsters - I want every shiny light and achievement I can lay my paws on, I want that all-encompassing power that says I own everything. I want the high ranks (but not any time soon), I want to be able to point at any monster I feel like joining and say "this one dies because I said so", and NOT have to break out the FP to do it. (Anything like that is possible with enough FP.) I want to see what this obscure build hardly anyone plays is capable of. (Except Adam who is insistent it's a 'super-hybrid' or something... )

    It's probably just as well I'll never catch it. If I ever do it will become a dull game fast.

    In the case of it's social options are relatively limited. I have a need for certain kinds of people, the sort of people I have -0- chance of bumping into on a daily basis. Another me would be great, but there's a list traits that play together to make some odd people. If I play say, Starcraft - it's just a world where more often than not people are yelling abuse at each other simply....because. The normals are boring - work....well - it doesn't get me any contacts, to keep it brief. The forums combine info and odd people. Networking for the mad duck, if you will.

    I could probably waffle for ages and never quite hit the spot, but that'll do for a summary. Inevitably CA and forums will have had their day and my network will close up again - until that day I'll make use of it while I've got it. Some of my best peeps are because of these forums - past, present and hopefully still future.

    Unrelated, a bit of background if you will, a lot of the people quitting are old-school/founders. A lot of what you're seeing is simply that the game they enjoyed playing simply doesn't exist any more - and neither you, nor I can fix that. Most we can hope for is that it's not a slide to doom, but a lot has to play out before we can be sure.

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    1. It's fun
    2. It's free

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    playing over 2 1/2 years ,I really have no interest in starting a different game .This is the first facebook clicky game I played and may very well be the last . Made some good friends here too

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    ...because I dislike my ex guild members and I want to annoy them Just kidding but I'll probably tag their monster or chain them

    Okay, I played lots of fb games before and I quit for around three months last year because of my exams, I started playing again around Christmas last year and CA seemed like the easiest one, believe it or not, to catch up with so I just went along with it.
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    i am in it for the shinies!!!

    no seriusly
    The friends
    its fun
    you can slay
    you can kill in pvp
    You can do guilds stuffs if you like em
    etc, there are lots of good reasons to stay, the bad thing is that everyday the reasons to go keep increasing

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    I'm only here still because of the friendships I've made. I still love the pvp side of the game, but the devs are really pissing me off lately and it's my friends that have kept my mouse away from the block button.
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