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Thread: WarGryphons - Recruitment Center

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    Always looking for new recruits!

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    Edited our ad to show new Festival battle time.

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    Looking for recruits, we're looking real hard at doing the mist conquests.

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    all our pang are belong to us!!!

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    Currently at 83/100. Still plenty of slots to fill!

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    At 89/100 currently, still recruiting!

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    92/100, actively doing Mist lands now.

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    At 96/100. Getting there slowly but surely!

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    Always recruiting. Now looking at saying farewell to old members who just haven't been poking around lately. They'll always have a home to come back to if they pop up again, but Lions need new, strong players -- of course active is key, but a few old, strong players would be welcome, too -- Any 1000+ out there interested in beefing up a steady, solid guild?

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    As she says, we recently did a bit of cleaning of inactives and are always looking for more.

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