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    Is your guild fading into the Mist? Do you find many battles where fewer than 10 of your mates show up to battle, or some drop 10 tokens then never return? Does your guild choose to perpetuate HOURS of play for the sake of coin, but only once or twice a week? Would you like to join a guild that is active every day?

    WarGryphons are looking for active players who find "farming" battles boring. We earn plenty of coins by showing up for battles every day and never resort to prolonging battles artificially. We have normal and hard explore beasts most of the time. We have LOE castle battles started every other day for pursuit of Guardian Path and Conquest Path. We're Vanguard in the never-ending season of 100v100. We'd especially like some higher level players to help us move up to the Orc Host level, as well as giving us a little extra boost in strength for battles.

    If you are interested, you can look for Joyce Wierzbicki on Facebook and send a friend request and message, or send me a message to my CA Keep - so we can chat to see if WarGryphons game style is compatible with yours.

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    Adding web3 link for iOS players:

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    Sorry to be a pest: What is your guild’s policy on Snakes? Thnx.

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    Our policy on Snakes is ... kill them. No caps, no restrictions on who can join them. The only caveat I would offer is that they are only available through LOMs so are never in a Public forum. So, while big monster hunters can probably kill them more efficiently than the PvP members of the guild, there's no reason to kill it within 24 hours of spawning and it would be considerate to give them a little time for other guild members to lay on a little damage over a couple of days. It's not a guild guideline/rule, just a suggestion for guild harmony.

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    I am looking for a new guild but I am not active on facebook, I play on web3. Messaged your keep
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    Saw your message in my keep and responded.

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