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Thread: Meekah vs Ameron

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    In your opinion, who do you think is the better general to use at GB/FB for Warrior builds?
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    The one you have?

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    The Devs do not officially support Meekah at this time. Check back in around 2 weeks.

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    Who's Meekah?

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    Wat is Meekah ?? I never heard before

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    new warrior unreleased general

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    If I were the devs, I would make the next general do something really wacky and/or useless, like Bob the Drunken Master, who gets +1 attack / +1 defense for every Pint of Ale in your Gifts/Peace Offerings section, just so people who try to buy generals early will get screwed. ;p

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    Warrior players are so desparate that they already start to invent useful generals for their class?

    Just kidding...
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