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Thread: Castle Age Suggestion Index

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    i would like to see a list of suggestions that were implemented, or partly implemented after discussing here.

    i dont understand why this game and developers of this game undervalue their community so much. some of the people in the forums are masters of game mechanics and are in game since forever, why not use them to develop some content. sure not everything can be made because too hard to code or it costs too much money, but everything can be managed if at least some guidelines can be given. like TOR or somethign we could work with.
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    GAEA Mobile has job vacancies available. Too bad, none of them are remote.

    CA should have remote options.

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    I want to suggest some ideas...

    - I'm seeing sometimes limited the Item Archives and Equipment in its potential. I'm thinking, why not to add elemental piercing/resistance to the IA?
    In the case of Item Archives, temporary attack and defense, you could include some elemental piercing/resistance points per item included... Same thing with more Health, than Energy and Stamina, maybe.

    - In case of equipment, and regarding in a parallel way the new Enhance Feature, the equipment could bear an "On/Off Switch" of Elements (Flamebound Halberd, off without Fire Piercing, on with Fire Resistance, you get the idea, however, maybe not applying this in negative Piercing/Resistance), because, in essence, some equipment are literally "Magical Equipment". Same way with Divine Power.

    - With the normal and used equipment, there must be a way to include some elements (because there is too much fire for the game, no?), for giving an example, Whirpool is a Divine Magic, but not a Water Piercing/Resistance Magic. Heart of the Woods is Divine, but not Earth. Leviathan's Weapons and Sea Kings Helm are not Water, and so on...

    - Besides, I could suggest too about more type of runes. Energy, Stamina and Critical Runes. The first two could be useful, and the last one, the rarest, to get and grow.

    - The Character's Class could be used in two separate ways.
    For guild battles... And in Monster Hunting, giving examples:

    Warrior - More Physical Piercing/Resistance, more critical chance to the participating characters
    Rogue - More Item Drop Chance added to the participating characters
    Mage - More Elemental Piercing/Resistance, lesser consuming stamina
    Cleric - More Divine Power, lesser damage from the monster while attacking

    - By the way, three new monster classes. The first one with Strenghten and Deflect. The second one with Cripple and Heal.
    And the third one a combination of the four primary classes (Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Cleric)...

    That's all for now...

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    Would it be possible to add 8000 essence (1000 energy) and 16000 (2000 energy) trading options for essence trading? For those that have hundreds of thousands or millions of essence, this would be a huge time saver. I could also see it as a benefit for Dev's, as folks might be more apt to spend FP on essence trading more often, if it didn't take hours to do...

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    How about adding more items to Kobo? How I would love to grind up the 1000+ Castle Ramparts I have. Even the 500+ Serpentine Shields would be great to grind away.

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    pend $-343,965 gold to heal to Max Health.
    Health is used in PVP duel formats and monsters. Why is this, I can't fully heal? Do you allow capping ofall stats? The game needs a proving battle ground. Please pull this off me.

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    Considering that it is winter, how about making Winter Season Donations available in 100vs100 donation rewards?

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