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Thread: -We- guild is recruiting new active members

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    looking for active members

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    Guild Achievements (Updated Hourly!)
    This Month
    Monster 3,832,485 points (Top 0-5%)
    Battle 47,525 points (Top 6-20%)

    we are alpha rank and we are looking for new active members in order to replace the old inactive ones ...join us we are nice people

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    we are still looking for active battlers for our guild/festival battles. we are currently Apha RANK, so come and join

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    i at 270 level and strong player and i play the game 3 hours in day

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    Lv 342 finding for active guild.

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    please join fishsss, we are currently swapping our inactive for active so please request. you are very welcome.

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    any active new player both in guild battles and monster hunting is welcome to join us
    here is the link
    we also are alpha rank in festival battle and our stats are

    Guild Achievements (Updated Hourly!)
    This Month
    Monster 4,395,568 points (Top 0-5%)
    Battle 56,316 points (Top 6-20%)

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    still recruiting join if you like

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    join WE!!!

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