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Thread: New General: Sanna

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    Arrow New General: Sanna


    "Sanna is the heiress to the priest convent of Aurora. Her abilities as a cleric and warrior has garnered her respect amongst her elders and peers alike and was the reason she was chosen to be the successor of the convent."

    Abilities: "Heal for an additional 1 Health"
    ^ this is according to the home page description.

    Ability: "Heal for additional 1 Health as a Cleric in a Guild Battle"
    ^ this is according to when you have her selected on the general selection page.

    She's great for clerics in Guild Wars. Guess this explains why they implemented the 10x effect.
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    Default Sanna

    Anyone stupid enough to buy her yet?

    I mean.. +1 health... when the devs have changed battles to 10x health...

    Well.. just hold me back. I cant wait to get 10% of what I got last week!

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    Wonder if this is part of the fractional stuff they had in mind. +1 to healing is a 10% increase over normal.

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    Finally, a monthly that I'll be getting!
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    The art is amazing! but I donīt know if buy her or save my FPs for the next general. I need generals good for MH.
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    I was getting excited until I remembered about the damned fractions.

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    i need it, i am always guild healer. need to convince guild to send me money for FP

  8. Default Anyone know her status at level 4?

    Anyone know her status at level 4? It's soon yet but I know there are some people who just can't wait

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    need more info is this +1 health or +10? also whats the level 4 ability

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    Now we know why they wanted everything multiplied by 10. They liked +1 to health better than +.1

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