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    Has anyone been able to determine if Layla can boost Monkey King's ability beyond his 20% limit for a chance of no cost for action? I have Monkey King to +15%, but I'm not sure if I want to level up my 2* Layla at this time. Thanks.

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    I'm pretty sure it works. I'll try to get confirmation later.

    Yes, MK ability can go past +20% when allied wity Layla. Got confirmation.
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    Thanks for the update. Definitely going to level Layla next. Just wish now that there was a quick way to change alliances. Definitely want to use that alliances for leveling faster. I.e. spamming Cefka quest.

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    i can confirm it does. i have a 2* star level 24 monkey king which gets a +2.7% chance for no stamina/energy/token cost for action. my layla is also 2* star level 29 which is at Master: +48.62% Clone of Alliance General Ability. i keep them in alliance and with Layla and Monkey king it is, Master: +48.62% Clone of Alliance General Ability, +4.01274% chance for no stamina/energy/token cost for action.

    Personally i think Layla is the most valuable general in the game. the higher level the more stars the better. just imagine a level 80 layla 8* star, with a monkey king level 80 8* star and in a wall gate in pvp or say dolomar and layla both at level 80 8 star then proper chaos campaign this could give you almost a guarantee critical every time. just all kind off possibilities or say having 2 jeras, 2 of anything. when i played magic the gathering Clone was a very important part of a blue deck( played MTG way back when alpha and beta)

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