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Thread: In Game Objectives:

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    Current CA goal is to actually get some interest to log activity has plummeted, currently logging in to spend ene/stam

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    06/03/2014, 05/01/2019

    - Slowly move from PVPer to MHer
    Hybrid now. Can deal legendary damage on any monster withour refilling.
    - Reach Energy 1000 (418) and Stamina 1000 (502), not going under BSI-8 (raw, now at 8.45)
    3997 Energy and 3008 Stamina, going for 4000 on both. What is BSI anymore?
    - Reach Defense 2000 (1486) and stop there
    Still pending.

    - Get all the easy ones from serpents/dragons and Azriel's.
    Most easy-average completed. Working on Legendary Archive and going back and forth with Aurora, Gehenna and Valhalla.

    - Conqueror: get 180 mithrils (now at 90), then move to golds until 100% done
    Done long ago.
    - Guardian: get 180 mithrils (now at 18), then move to golds until 100% done
    Done long ago.
    - Hunter: nothing until fully converted to MHunter
    113 mithrils and 177 golds here. Still a long way ahead.
    - Engineeer: no way I'm going there
    I will have finished all quests by June-July, so Engineer Path here we go!

    - Create the f****** Armor of Redemption without losing patience (11 insignia left, this IS personal)
    Turning to ENE/STA build made things much easier (and funnier). My concerns now are legendary alchemies, though I still need a few copies of basic items for IA.
    - If losing patience on previous one, alternate with pending tasks: Soulforge and Living End

    - Dolomar to lvl 40 (36), Chase to 25 (24), Annika to 35 (33), Katherine to 25 (24), Zurran to 15 (11), Dawn to 15 (9) and Sephora to 20 (11)
    I'll need lots of power crystals and evolution crystals (red and green)

    Dolomar at 74/74, Chase & Annika parked at those levels, Katherine parked at 54/54. Objectives now: Monkey King from 61 to 79; The Time Keeper, Hera and Guinevere from their twenties-thirties to 54. Hard task.

    - In the long, long run, gather at least one of each of the still available in-game items (even outdated ones)
    Filling the archives is providing a lot of items I didn't have. I also alchemized Alperon and rolled lots of chest since then so my collection is increasing nicely.
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