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Thread: Attack & Defense

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    I'm level 31 and just wondering how many attack and defense points I should have by now as up until now I've been concentrating on increasing my stamina and energy.


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    That would depend on what type of player you want to be. If you want to battle mainly, then you'll want a lot of attack and defense. If you're mainly a quester and fight the occasional dragon, you won't need too much (though you'll need attack once you come to fight Kiera)

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    I was mainly questing, but have started battling more as seem to be winning some good money.

    But sometimes my battle lists only have people who are 3 levels above me??? And I never win

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    Once you hit level 80, your battle list will ahve people 200 levels above you.
    If you want to spend your future battling, then I'd put all you can into attack and defense for now (though you need maximum of 100 energy for the last quest in the demon realm).

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    I'll agree with everything said before, BUT


    Don't split the difference between both. If you do, you'll end up losing to the heavy attack, and heavy defense players. I'd advise you go with strong attack and high stamina to engage LOTS of opponents, OR go with high defense and high stamina and engage lots of dragons.

    Quests are a great way to gain extra stat points, but you don't need to terribly much energy if you are an active player. So, like was said earlier it will depend on how you play the game, and how often you login.

    I chose defense, but I'm not over lvl80 yet so I dunno how it'll work out once I'm out of carebear land.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chupacabra View Post

    Don't split the difference between both. If you do, you'll end up losing to the heavy attack, and heavy defense players.
    Granted I'm not that high yet, but I would think that a split attack/defense build would do alright, cause it could beat the heavy attack players when attacking them, and defend relatively well against anything but the heavy attack players, whereas an attack heavy build would get beat more often.

    I'm curious what others, that have passed the level 80 hump, think about it.

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    I'm fairly even with attack and defense at the moment (slightly more defense than attack) - at level 118 - and I think it's good, though I'll probably focus on defense a bit more again once I hit it even, simply because I mainly fight dragons.

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    I'm fairly even myself.

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    Okay I have a question.... reading so much of this at one time i got kinda confuzzled.... When buying items like weapons for defense and attk.... am I buying those for my soldiers that are in my unit... or for the number of addtnl generals that go with me in battles... ie..... 1 additional general per 5 army members... or does it mean for example... i have say 5 knights in my unit... I buy 5 gladiator swords and 5 steel plates.... i know i have the idea.... but which one of these is correct...


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    Default Weapons & Strategy

    Does anyone have suggestions about type and quantity of weapons to purchase? Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I'm getting my butt kicked by much smaller armies!

    Are there any good strategies for battling?

    I'm in the process of buying property in order to build up my cash stash. Am trying to strategize the purchase of weapons.

    Thanks for any advise and/or suggestions!

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