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Thread: Monsters Damage / Loot Spreadsheet

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    Default Monsters Damage / Loot Spreadsheet & Goblin and Chest Chance Rolls

    Easy access links:

    Main Monster Loot Spreadsheet (Editable)
    Main Monster Loot Spreadsheet (HMTL view only)
    Dragons & Serpents spreadsheet (view only)

    Hiya, I, like others here often try and keep track of what loot i get from different monsters depending what damage/kills etc I do. I figured it is a bit of a waste me having all this easy to hand info so i'd like to share it with you and hope you add to it over time if you like.

    There are a couple of threads on the forum where we can post our results. I thought it might be interesting and handy seeing all this data in one place and allow it to be continually updated. I know i'm not the only one who enjoys crunching the numbers now and again heh :P


    [edit: i removed all the original text i had here when i first made the thread heh, as it is no longer relevant given the change to how i setup the sheets. /edit]

    Basically please try and only add in your rows of data and try not to otherwise edit the structure of the spreadsheet as it could be broken otherwise. Unfortunately googlespreadsheets does not allow the protecting of sections of sheets, it is either the whole sheet or nothing.

    Here is a screenshot of the starting page, taken 8th July, 2010

    [B]Go to which sheet you want to add data to, find where you damage/kills would be on the list and click "insert" - "row", add your info, it is automatically saved.

    Hope some of you find it interesting and useful. The more of us adding valid data, the better we can see the big picture.



    Update 8/7/10 Added in a section to the sheet for Kobo's Goblin Emporium chance rolls.

    Update 9/7/10 Added Treasure Chest Rolls sheet.

    Update 11/7/10 - I am adding in additional columns in some of the monsters, to try and prove/disprove some ideas of loot drops:
    * Time remaining in battle after the battle has ended. * Your ending position in rank of players, in your group (NB: this was shown eventually to not influence drops, so was removed at a later month)

    Update 8/9/10 Added the new monster Gehenna Fire Elemental.

    Update 30/9/10 Lion's Rebellion chart added now. * Removed Ending Position and Time Left columns from all sheets as proven not relevant.

    Update 16/7/10: Added new sheet in for the new monster - Alpha Mephistopheles.

    Update 18/12/10: Added in the new monster - Corvintheus.

    Update 17/1/11: I went through each monster and updated the OVERVIEW summary sheet giving up to date recommended epic and legendary chance % rates.

    Update 27/1/11: Added in the new monster Valahalla.

    Update 03/2/11: Added sheet for Guild monster, The Giant Arachnid.

    Update 12/2/11: Added sheet for yet another new monster.. - Jahanna.

    Update 26/2/11: Added that new festival monster - Agamemnon.

    Update 15/3/11: I am slowly adding epic % chance rates to all the sheets, in addition to the Legendary % rates already added. This will help show % chances of x number of epics at various damage ranges. This takes time to create, so may take a few weeks or two to do on all sheets.

    Update 15/3/11: I just added a date column to all the sheets. This can help, over time, to show if there is a change in drop rates or not.

    Update 25/3/11: added in (another..) new monster - Aurora.

    Update 11/4/11: I have added a new section to record Critical Hit % of Generals.

    Update 11/4/11: I have added an "About this spreadsheet" as a tab, where people enter the spreadsheet, to help explain how to use it, to prevent less mistakes or confusions etc. Also tidied up a bit (bit more to come).

    Update 23/4/11: I have added in sheets for the 4 new Giants: Glacius, Kromash, Magmos, Shardros.

    Update 3/5/11: I have added the new chest to the spreadsheet, so if ye have rolled or are rolling, feel free to add yer results in if ye like.

    Update 17/5/11: I have added the new monster, Ambrosia.

    Update 1/7/11: We have hit maximum size again for the sheet. This time i need to make more radical changes to enable continued use. So... I will be splitting the older monsters off into another sheet, for reference only. Over the last year the data has stabilised. Don't be surprised if some sheets are missing from the main spreadsheet over the course of today.

    Will take me a while to get it all setup nicely. I will post back again once I'm finished. Old monsters sheet is here, for view reference only, though most summary info is in the main sheet anyway.

    Update 31/8/11: Typhonus was added about a month ago and just added Thanatos and Alexandra today.

    Update 13/9/11: Kraken and Alpha Kraken added. (Sheet is open access to anyone for now as 3000 max user limit reached. Please be careful editing the sheet especially if you are new to it.

    Update 20/9/11: Spreadsheet completely revamped. Main link is now an index or sorts, with Overviews, and links to separate editable sheets for each monster. )Open access to anyone. Should be good to go now from here on in.

    Update 8/10/11: Azeron added.

    Update 7/12/11: Vermilion added.
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    It seems in some browsers, some times, google asks you to log in before you can see the spreadsheet... i don't know why.. (maybe if you have previously logged in, it has a cookie that tries to make you log in again?) you can log in if you have an account, or you can just try loading the url again.

    Any additions you do make are live, just remember to click save Cheers
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    I have a google account and it opened just fine without asking me to log in. Nice spreadsheet too although I can definitely see this becoming a mess sooner or later with open access for everyone to edit it.

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    Ahh good to know cheers Redwing, and cheers :)

    Re potential mess... I know.. but i am hoping that most of us who find it might actually see the value of it and join in the communal spirit of it heh.
    If the worst happens and someone does screw it up, i take copies every day so can always reupload and change it to contributors only access to edit, so people could request to be added to the editors. I will only resort to that if we really have to though :)

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    Excellent job putting this together. A very handy reference that can evolve and grow on its own.

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    brilliant spreadsheet.

    i hope people keep adding to it.

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    lol. 1.7% chance for demon plate....

    so, after my 70th keira, i have a chance of (1 - 0.017)^70 = 0.30 =>30% chance of still being demon-plateless...

    guess that's some kind of consolation.... though i haven't counted those killed before the counting started.....

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    btw, think you shld separate out deathrune siege 1 and 2, as the loot are different. it'll be a pain to do the math they add up the kills from both but still award loot separately

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    I'm glad you guys like it cheers :)

    Ah I had forgotten the DRS comes in 2 parts rhoenix. Hmm it would be hard to work out the kills for each part i think, not sure many people would take the effort to record them separately but if anyone else agrees it would be better split then I will gladly separate them into two, cheers.

    Yeah that Kiera's breastplate droprate seems to be on par with the epic drop rate chance from rolling for FP chests :O which seems odd given that the other parts to her recipe seem to be on the uncommon chest roll odds.. (still the only piece I haven't got either heh)

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    love the final entry on the Azriel page...

    damage - 605 million

    level - Orlando.

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