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Thread: Achievements - Requests/Suggestions

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    Also i suggest to add counters for number of all monster, bosses and epic world monsters killed, most longer streak and a lot more of counters. And that before add more achievements. Why? With counters, you can always have a way to add achievements, without them would be harder to count them or add new.

    Look that devs are not so interested in add new achievements who give more favor points, at least in my point of view.
    So maybe you can add favor points and some discounts for favor points purchases for certain achievements like 10% discount on a purchase.
    Or maybe a free roll in a certain chest.

    Some achievements:
    Certain amount of stat points, but specially health (because is the least useful of the stats)
    multipliers for existing achievements
    achievements who open only after some requisite met, example only 150+ people can access certain achievement
    full 520 of certain type of invasion items
    longest streak
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    i m not trying to ofend anyone but the ? isnt about what the developers whant , but what we whant coz if we lose interest in the game they loose evryting, and thay get money not just by buing FP whit your credit carts. they shud have like a dasen countracts, like 1 cent per click or someting like that. i know that wen wen we buy FP its beter for them but there is a line were its geting too far. on my apinion its too much to spend on FP to get 1 general. come onn i can buy any video game i whant whit the money you are giving for FP's, and im not teling you how to spend you money or that CA is bad or what ever. my point is that they shud saport those that arent whiling to spend real money ass well as those that dont maind it coz when there are less peaple in the game iven those that were whiling to give theyr money will stop laying coz there will be allmost noone to play whit.

    OK thats not all but i think i made my point.

    sory for my bad speling and if i have ofendet anyone in any whey

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    Agree, definitly more achivments, maybe more alchemy performed, or ragnarok/bahamuts one?
    And would be awsome to add influence quests counter.

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    I haven't killed all 5 Sylvanna's yet.

    Yes to more achievements!

    This might have been suggested but here goes anyway --- SP/FP rewards for Generals owned! lol!

    30 Gen -- 5 SP
    40 Gen -- 30 FP
    50 Gen -- 5 SP
    60 Gen -- 30 FP
    70 Gen -- 5 SP
    80 Gen -- 30 FP

    and so on and so forth.. There's no stopping the addition of generals.. Everybody wants em. Will pay for them so might be good to reward those people. In the end -- More people will buy Generals and be happy for having them. **Cheers!
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    Or even, lv4 heroes

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    Quote Originally Posted by 333 View Post
    NO! I just think too many gifting will lead to CA becoming MW
    i think it did with the goblin thing though..haha

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    Level up 5 generals to level 4 - 5 fp
    General of generals
    Level up 20 generals to level 4 - 10 fp
    The more the merrier
    Level up 40 generals to level 4 - 30 fp (to be honest i think you would waste fp on this one)

    Do over 10,000,000 total damage to monsters (overall) -5 fp
    Monster's Bane
    Do over 100,000,000 total damage to monsters - 10 fp 5 sp
    Over 900,000,000!
    Do over 900,000,000 total damage to monster - 30 fp

    Do over 1,000,000 damage to a monster in one battle - 5 sp
    Do over 5,000,000 damage to a monster in one battle - 5 fp
    Do over 10,000,000 damage to a monster in one battle - 5 sp 5 fp
    Do over 25,000,000 damage to a monster in one battle (25,000,000 is the most i have seen before) - 20 fp

    Do over 100 quests - 5 sp
    Do over 1000 quests - 5 fp
    Do over 10,000 quests - 10 fp
    Quest Master
    Do over 100,000 quests - 30 fp

    First blood
    Eliminate a player - 1 sp
    Back for more
    Eliminate 3 players - 1 fp
    Fuel the fire
    Eliminate 10 players - 3 fp 3 sp
    Seek and Destroy
    Eliminate 25 players - 5 fp 5 sp

    Orc King Slayer
    Kill the Orc king by yourself - 5 sp
    Collosuss Slayer
    Kill the colosuss of terra by yourself - 5 sp
    Sylvana Slayer
    Kill sylvanas by yourself - 5 sp 3 fp
    Mephistopheles Slayer
    Kill Mephistopheles by youself - 5 fp
    Kiera Slayer
    Kill kiera by yourself - 5 fp 5 sp
    Lotus Slayer
    Kill lotus by yourself - 10 fp 5 sp
    Skaar Slayer
    Kill Skaar by yourself - 15 fp
    Cronus slayer
    Kill Cronus by yourself - 20 fp
    Bahamut slayer
    Kill Bahamut by youself - 20 fp

    I have seen Cronus and Lotus solo'd not sure about the other hard ones

    Achivment Getter
    Get 5 achivments - 3 sp
    Achivment Finder
    Get 10 achivments - 5 sp
    Achivments Seeker
    Get 20 achivments - 10 sp
    Achivment Hunter
    Get all achivments - 20 sp

    Guilt Prize
    Get Eliminated 10 times - 1 sp

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    good job on that, although I think its a little hard to solo the world battle monsters, but I guess its possible. Also, I think getting ur a** handed to you should be worth more than 1 skill point

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirShaggeth View Post
    good job on that, although I think its a little hard to solo the world battle monsters, but I guess its possible. Also, I think getting ur a** handed to you should be worth more than 1 skill point
    Its like the lose 10 duels in a row achivments. Although its difficult to get you would get it eventully.

    Get 10 Critical hits: 5 sp
    Back Attack
    Get 100 critical hits: 5 fp
    Hit it where the sun don't shine
    Get 1000 critical hits: 5 fp 5 sp

    Send 100 gifts: 2 fp 2 sp
    Return the favour
    Send 1000 gifts: 5 fp
    Kindness pays
    Send 5000 gifts: 10 fp

    Demi Hunter
    Get a total of 1000 Demi points: 5 sp
    Demi Lord
    Get a total of 5000 Demi points: 5 fp
    Demi God
    Get a total of 15000 demi points: 10 fp

    Hold 1,000,000 gold at once: 4 sp
    Hold 10,000,000 gold at once: 4 fp
    Hold 100,000,000 gold at once: 5 fp 5 sp
    Holy 100,000,000,000 gold at once: 20 fp

    ^ I can imagine people already far into the game getting these fast ones fast

    Store 1,000,000,000 gold in total: 5 sp

    Castle Ager
    Complete all quests (level 1 influence): 10 fp

    God of War
    Get a spartan phalax: 3 fp 3 sp

    The 1 counts
    Get a army of 501: 5 sp

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    OK dragon hunting is one of the most comen elements in the game, and its done coz we get FP from there, so i think there shud be a speshaw reword for dragon hunters like:

    50 dragons slayd - you get George (general) - he is a saint who have slayd a dragon, or so they say

    lvl4 - 20 atk 10 def (add 3% bonus damege to dragons)

    75 dragons slayd - ST George's spear - when George is eqipt he gets 1 % bonus critical strike chanse to dragons.

    100 dragons slayd -ST George's armur -when George is eqipt he gets 1 % bonus critical strike chanse to dragons.

    150 dragons slayd -Holy bles -when George is eqipt he gets 1 % bonus critical strike chanse to dragons.

    i dont think its inbalanst coz the bonus is only ageins dragons , the 3% critical isnt that rare to be seen and the the 3% bonus damege isnt that much coz you dont do as much damege to dragons as you do to most monsters ( i do close to 7800 damege so 3% of that is +230 damege so the resolt will be 8030 damege for 5*stamina). hope you like the new idea. lets stop asking for FP or SP and get someting a bit diferent

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