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Thread: Achievements - Requests/Suggestions

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    Due to having lots of useless heroes can developers do something useful with hero`s stars? If player will manage to collect 100 - 200 - 500 stars will get new hero or archive achievements?

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    5-6 years playing and slowly watching the game fade, read forums but rarely post. In a lvl 24 guild and nobody (in this guild) fights Chromus
    Suggestions to keep those not at the keyboard as often these days here more often
    3 New monsters with very similar damage levels that can be done in slow kill
    The easier loot like Samael had but maybe an extra gem slot for lower lvls of sta players
    New tier of weapons with an extra slot and maybe a bit more pierce/resist items
    War banner that can hold up to 4 runes so we can use off/def weapons in loadouts
    Eliminate penalty for changing guilds
    When I want to sell ess make it only guilds with ess pop up in market..It has to slow your servers down now checking a 100+ guilds to trade
    New tier of weapons in Conquest path..maybe starting at 500k
    Shards as frequent drops instead of demi points
    Health modifier like "rune does extra 20% damage to health tanks"
    New monthly oracle generals to rival Kath/Annika/Sahar
    More lvls in invade/duel
    Many of us slowly drifting away..add something like above

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    Make all alchmy weapons ia so they become worth doing

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