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Thread: Achievements - Requests/Suggestions

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    Default Achievements - Requests/Suggestions

    To keep from extra posts in the suggestion forums and have different subjects discussed please post all Achievement requests and suggestions here.
    The one thing that is constant is change.

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    very good idea! its about time we had a sticky post like this!
    suggestions for achievements:
    - For gifting
    - For Ragnarok
    - For Serpents
    - For Invasion / Duel streaks
    - Add basically additional / higher achievement levels for the existing Achievements

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    Well, the monster ones are obvious. We're missing.... serpents, meph, ragnarok, Bahamut, and raids. I'm fine with +5 sp for 25 kills, but others feel like they should reward more....

    I would like a new tier for level 4 quest. I'm think 250 quests mastered. Reward should be a new general with a influence % bonus like Sano. New tiers for existing achievements would be nice. 25000 duels/invasions and 500/1500 siege weapons achievements would be a good idea too.

    Achievements for mastering all the quests of a land/demiquest line would also be appreciated by players of all builds. CA is one of the only games on Facebook that DOESN'T reward the player for mastering all the quests in a region. Demiquest rewards should be a big demipoint bonus to the demigod or a unique piece of gear. Now that most of the demigods are available as chest generals, it would be nice to give them some bonus gear for those of us that got lucky with chests. The land/main questline rewards should be fairly significant. While I understand the devs are tightfisted with favor points, we're pretty greedy but easy to please. We'll take just about any reward, but please make the rewards match the amount of time and effort put into mastering each region. Mastering every quest in the Underworld should have a much bigger payoff than the Land of Fire. What kind of payout is up to the devs. I'm personally ok with almost anything as long as, like I said, the reward matches the effort. Generals, land, weapons, items, spells, skill points, favor points... I'd be satisfied by almost anything. This might also be a place to play around with some of the timers or other passive bonuses, but I can understand hesitation on the dev's part to go that route. It'd be a nice incentive to go clear out the Underworld if I got -30s or -1m off my energy timer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayemkay View Post
    - For gifting
    NO! I just think too many gifting will lead to CA becoming MW

    Quote Originally Posted by jayemkay View Post
    - For Ragnarok
    that would be great but I hope it won't be like the genesis/skaar/DL , although I did all 3 anyway but I always considered 5 skill points too little... don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for 25 fp like the dragon & hydra achievement but a few more skill points would be I think a bit more fair, let's say 10 or 15...

    Quote Originally Posted by jayemkay View Post
    - For Serpents
    I think it's a little too late for that, we all already killed enough of them to get the map peace and I just don't want to kill anymore of them, they're boring :/

    Quote Originally Posted by jayemkay View Post
    - For Invasion / Duel streaks
    good idea, I'm a baron and got all the battle achievements so I just monster hunt now, if new achievements would come along I'd start fighting again...

    I'd like them to add some items to the new achievements, skill points & fp are ok but what I would really like is a strong, unique, unfarmable item, spell or unit for the achievements like we had in the arena

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    I agree completely!

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    All monsters/bosses is a given. The achievement should appear as soon as the monster/boss appears. The last monster listed was the Genesis, where is the Ragnarok and the Bahamuts? By the time the new monsters are added as achievements it becomes a hassle to find them as the newest beast has taken center stage. There definitely needs to be more achievements! I am only a level 275 and I only have one more achievement to get and I will have finished them all and that is very sad!

    - Every monster/boss as soon as they are available
    - a lot more Siege assist achievements - this one is very important
    - more battle achievements
    - more quest achievements
    - tiered achievements for increasing stats

    This game relies on people sticking around, the longer a person plays the greater their stake in the game and the more incentives that are available the more people will remain active.

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    Recruitmaster (category: other)

    1 NEW member, actually JOINS... (plays for at least 1 week worth of time) - 1FP

    5 - 2 FP

    25 - 5 FP

    50 - 10 FP

    100 - 15 FP

    200 - 50 FP

    500 - over 9000 FP...

    okay... maybe not over 9000, but if you can get them over 500 new players... you deserve a metal... one worth teh muhniez

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    Here's a random thought. In addition to the existing stat block (quests done etc.) throw in two new stats: damage done (monsters) and fortifying done. Throw in tiered achievements for milestones met like the pvp win achievements. IE:


    etc. Put in a nice sword or staff or something at the end that would either increase damage or increase fortifying.

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    killing Bahamut doesnt add 1 point in Dragons Slain section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by backbone View Post
    killing Bahamut doesnt add 1 point in Dragons Slain section.
    Bahamut is in a class of his own. If they made Bahamut kills count for the dragon achievements, there'd be a riot on the forums.

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