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Thread: Monster Help Section Posting Rules - Please read before posting!

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    Exclamation Monster Help Section Posting Rules - Please read before posting!

    This section of the forum is for all monsters and raids running on the Facebook, web3, and iOS platforms.

    Post your monster link and/or code only in the designated and correct threads.

    Monster help posts found in the incorrect areas and threads will be deleted and subject to infraction. Do not misrepresent your monster.

    If you are having trouble finding the correct thread, please use the Alphabetical Directory of Monster Threads.

    DO NOT POST the following types of links:

    • Direct attack links
    • Army gift links
    • Posts with links to multiple different monsters
    • Elite guard links
    • Tiny urls of any kind
    • Any other links that are not the correct monster link

    DO POST wall/CTA links including those which launch siege weapons.
    If the monster has a code, you are encouraged to post it as well so that mobile app players may join.
    Please see this guide if you are unsure how to get your monster link: Monster Link How To

    To ensure everyone has equal chance to be seen:

    • Spamming your monster link is subject to infraction. Do not post your monster more than once every 2-3 hours.
    • Pictures/images are not allowed in the monster help section.
    • Please refrain from using excessive amounts of empty lines to make your post more visible.

    Offenders will be given warnings and progressive infractions that could lead to temporary bans up to 10 days and permanent bans for repeat offenders.

    It is recommended you hover your mouse over a link before clicking it to ensure it is a correct link. A siege weapon link will have the string "&action=doObjective" and may cost you 1 stamina if clicked.

    If you see posts that do not belong please use the report button on that post. This will alert the mods to come and delete the post. If you wish to warn others before that happens that is fine, but please do not quote the link of the offending post, as the mods may not see this and therefore the wrong link will still be present in the thread.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
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    Exclamation Monster Link How To

    It seems a number of people post general links to a CA page (mainly the home page or gift accept page) without realising that this isn't actually their monster link. As a result, nobody can access the monster and help them.

    To get your correct monster link, the easiest thing is to do a call to arms. Then go to your profile, and click to assist yourself. Copy and paste the link you find that way, it's the right monster link.

    If you don't want to publish a call to arms for some reason, do this:
    Go to your monster page. Depending on the type of monster, it may be on one of several pages:

    Find the monster you want to post here on the forums. Hover your mouse over the 'engage' button. Right-click to open this in a new tab. Go to copy and paste the link to this monster. Be aware though that if it is a monster that needs weapons launched, this link will NOT assist with weapons, it only leads to the monster page. If you add &action=doObjective to the end of the link, it will become a siege weapon assist link.
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