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Thread: General/Hero Items - Requests/Suggestions

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    I hope this is in the correct place, but what about opening up another equipment slot for the class's. IE.. cleric,warrior,mage and rogue. we now have so much we can load on but only 3 slots to do it with.

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    I'm looking to purchace the general dolomar with favor points. It says he makes critical hits at a higher percentage. Is he a good general to purchase?

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    Here's my suggestion for a new general I think it's finally time for a general that can beat Katherine and it should be the one in the arena right now a general that can reduce the resistance or nullify Katherine so that a pierce general can finally beat those that use defensive skills . Succubus of desolation should be the name of the general and those with Katherine should fear Succubus
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    Add the frickin' unobtainable items on the heroes to be obtainable now.

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    Where can I get more damage and health essence, with quests or boss? What is the best way to increase the power?
    I need to increase the power of my mage, and I do not know how.
    Someone help or explain how?


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    Read this for some info

    Leviathan of wrath also drops health essences, 50 per drop(not very good)

    You can also unlock health and damage essences in conquest paths, you'll need guild coins to buy them.

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    Can someone revamp the look of BOGO? as a cleric he's awesome but God he looks so goddamn stupid

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    I agree, adding what already is there to each Hero should be obvious. Like all of rest of Calato Worrier's suggestions too. Easy, and already part of the C. A. story.

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    My request is since we are able to promote the Generals is make the older Generals that are no longer available for purchase through FPs available again.

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    Because so many people use Katherine , please change her pic. Because I think the pic for her now, is like a man with red hair.

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